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4G World 2012: More Photos!
Slide Shows  | 
10/31/2012  |  Post a comment
The expo hall opens here at 4G World and the sessions keep going. Here are some more pics from the show's second day
4G World 2012: Photos!
Slide Shows  | 
10/30/2012  |  2 comments
4G World 2012 is under way in Chicago. Here are some scenes from the first set of sessions and keynotes
4G World 2012: Does LTE Add New Jobs?
The Philter  | 
10/30/2012  |  Post a comment
7:30 AM Our salary report is making the rounds here at 4G World and carriers may need to fill very different types of jobs as more consumers start using LTE
Light Reading's 2012/2013 Salary Report
Reports  | 
10/29/2012  |  2 comments
Here's our annual presentation of the global telecom industry's views on pay, working conditions, the economy and technology
Metaswitch Forum 2012: The CxO Show
The Philter  | 
10/12/2012  |  Post a comment
11:00 AM Metaswitch CEO John Lazar and CTO Martin Taylor talk about the company's place in an evolving network and its future as a software-focused business
HP's Saar Gillai: Putting SDN in Perspective
LRTV Interviews  | 
10/11/2012  |  Post a comment
Saar Gillai, the CTO of HP Networking, discusses the value that service providers can get from software defined networking
HP's Saar Gillai: The SDN Advantage
The Philter  | 
10/10/2012  |  3 comments
10:45 AM Saar Gillai, the CTO of HP Networking, discusses the overall opportunity for software-defined networking and HP's perspective on this new way of thinking about networks
SDN's Biggest Myths
The Philter Podcast  | 
10/9/2012  |  6 comments
Several execs in Silicon Valley weigh in on the big myths confusing the issues around software defined networking
Photos: Metaswitch Forum 2012
Slide Shows  | 
10/5/2012  |  Post a comment
The Metaswitch team gathered in Florida for tech talk, Harry Potter, football, gold medal winners and plenty of swimming pools
The Future of Metaswitch
The Philter  | 
10/4/2012  |  6 comments
6:00 AM Back in the driver's seat at Metaswitch, John Lazar is looking at the road ahead to see what kind of company his firm ought to be next

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