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Podcast: MNJ Technologies EVP Ben Niernberg
The Philter  | 
1/28/2020  |  Post a comment
A managed service provider offers thoughts on workplace collaboration and SD-WAN, two hot markets where enterprise spending is up, and the number and type of competitors is proliferating.
Comment: a pirate flag - Phil Harvey - 1/27/2020
Caption Contest: The Comcast Pointer
The Philter  | 
1/27/2020  |  9 comments
A Monday mystery emerges from the Comcast media kit.
Pentagon Objects to New Huawei Sales Restrictions – WSJ Report
News Analysis  | 
1/24/2020  |  1 comment
The WSJ details how a recently withdrawn regulation highlights the interagency disagreements on what the US should do about Huawei's 5G dominance.
Podcast: The US Government's $1B Plans to Beat Huawei
The Philter  | 
1/21/2020  |  Post a comment
The US government's push to invest in open radio access networks is part of a broader effort – and multiple $1B proposals – to beat the Chinese telecom industrial complex.
Podcast: NTT CTO Ettienne Reinecke on the Edge Evolution
CxO Spotlight  | 
1/16/2020  |  1 comment
NTT's CTO Ettienne Reinecke joins the podcast to shine a light on the most disruptive tech trends he sees for enterprises in the coming year. Many of them are closely linked to a surge in computing capacity and tech development at the network's edge.
Podcast: Quibi Quips & TV Feeds the Airwaves
The Philter  | 
1/9/2020  |  Post a comment
Light Reading's Jeff Baumgartner has another #CES2020 update. In this episode, we get a Quibi keynote recap, more info on next-gen TV and where we might see 8K in action.
Podcast: New Devices Stock Service Provider Streaming Schemes
The Philter  | 
1/8/2020  |  Post a comment
At #CES2020, Jeff Baumgartner reports on streaming video deals that include broadband service providers as key distribution partners. Maybe this is the silver lining as traditional pay-TV keeps losing subscribers.
Podcast: The SVoD Squad Attacks
The Philter  | 
1/7/2020  |  Post a comment
We discuss HBO Max, Peacock and more as the week of #CES2020 gets under way and service providers continue to stake their claims in the consumer subscription video business.

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