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Podcast: The 10G Hype Freezes Over at CNG2019
LRTV Documentaries  | 
3/15/2019  |  Post a comment
Light Reading's Kelsey Ziser, Alan Breznick and Jeff Baumgartner join Phil Harvey for a round of drinks and a chat after the opening day of CNG2019 in Denver. The "bomb cyclone" did its worst, but it couldn't stop us from debating 10G vs. 5G and the future of cable video services.
Surf, Try, Then Buy: Verizon, Deloitte Connect Online & In-Store Shopping
LRTV Documentaries  | 
3/12/2019  |  Post a comment
As 5G and foldable phones come to market, browsing online and then trying stuff out in a store might become an even more critical way to buy new technology. Deloitte Consulting's Julie Miller and Verizon's John Walker explain why.
Juniper's Rami Rahim: Speed Is Everything
CxO Spotlight  | 
3/11/2019  |  Post a comment
The CEO of Juniper Networks said that getting companies to market quickly means sharpening the vendor's edge in open source software, cloud computing orchestration, and professional services.
Ericsson's Heuveldop: 5G & the IIoT Imperative
CxO Spotlight  | 
3/8/2019  |  Post a comment
The leader of Ericsson's business in North America explains that the opportunity for the industrial Internet of Things has been a long time in the making – and service providers are ready.
Reignite Your Business & Regain Profitability With Cisco 5G
LRTV Custom TV  | 
3/6/2019  |  Post a comment
Learn how Cisco is focused on the architecture for 5G – adding flexibility, lowering costs and creating new services – in particular new enterprise services. What sets Cisco apart is uniquely being able to help service providers with mass-scale networking, security and unified subscriber services based on its broad portfolio and expertise in enterprise, market and architectural transitions.
Huawei Brings Legal Fight to the US – Report
News Analysis  | 
3/4/2019  |  Post a comment
The vendor is said to be getting ready to sue the US and challenge the government's ban of Huawei's gear in its federal networks.
MWC19: 5G Gets Industrial, Musical & Far Out
Slide Shows  | 
3/4/2019  |  3 comments
With a few snapshots and snappy captions, we've breezed through some of the big themes at MWC19, and tried to call attention to some of the more impressive displays of technology and showmanship in Barcelona.
Comment: Lanyard Wars - Phil Harvey - 3/1/2019
Comment: Audio Podcast - Phil Harvey - 3/1/2019
Podcast: Let's Not Talk About 5G at MWC19
LRTV Documentaries  | 
3/1/2019  |  2 comments
The Light Reading podcast, in video form, from the InterDigital booth at MWC19 in Barcelona. Phil 'Captain Jetlag' Harvey and Ray Le Maistre discuss telco business models and how the industry is changing, even without ubiquitous 5G.
Affirmed CEO Wants to Own the Core... & More
News Analysis  | 
2/27/2019  |  3 comments
Affirmed Networks CEO Hassan Ahmed says the company's opportunities inside mobile networks will grow as 5G takes off; the vEPC vendor's most recent funding round suggests others share his optimism.
Cisco Pledges $5B Over Three Years to Finance 5G
News Analysis  | 
2/26/2019  |  5 comments
Cisco, via its Cisco Capital arm, is setting aside money to lend to service providers who need capital to speed up their network transformations to deliver 5G services. Of course, there's some debate about whether financing is the thing that makes deals move more quickly.
Comment: Re: WOW! - Phil Harvey - 2/20/2019
Windstream Market Cap Plummets Following Court Ruling
News Analysis  | 
2/19/2019  |  2 comments
One of the nation's largest telecom carriers is stuck between a gloating hedge fund and a pile of debt.
Windstream Woes: Hedge Fund Prevails in Bond Fight
News Analysis  | 
2/18/2019  |  4 comments
Windstream may end up owing 310M to a hedge fund if a court ruling made on Friday is allowed to stand. That could force the company into bankruptcy.
Podcast: AT&T, 5G & the Mirantis Incident
The Philter  | 
2/14/2019  |  Post a comment
The recently reported deal with Mirantis is another step in AT&T's network evolution as the company continues to carry the flag for open source and a software-defined 5G network.
Unified Office CEO: Would You Like Extra Services With That VoIP?
CxO Spotlight  | 
2/11/2019  |  Post a comment
CEO Ray Pasquale isn't in the VoIP business to lower the price of phone calls. He wants to give small businesses everything they need to know – from network analytics to pizza topping preferences – on one screen.
Comment: Re: But.... - Phil Harvey - 2/11/2019
Comment: Re: But.... - Phil Harvey - 2/11/2019
Podcast: Tacos, Telcos & Trouble
The Philter  | 
2/7/2019  |  Post a comment
T-Mobile is giving its customers a free taco every week. Should it also give them a roll of toilet paper? Also, and completely unrelated, what if Huawei does invent a must-have device for 5G networks – and we can't buy it in the US?
Podcast: Bundle Up, Everyone. Pay-TV Is a Cold, Cold Business
The Philter  | 
1/31/2019  |  Post a comment
The world of pay-TV is an unholy mess, and no one is better at keeping up with the players, plans and problems than Light Reading's Jeff Baumgartner. In this podcast, Jeff joins Phil Harvey for a chat about how cable providers are using mobile, why adding Netflix to your set-top isn't a bad idea and what kind of subscribers aren't worth chasing.
Comment: thanks - Phil Harvey - 1/29/2019
US Pursues Criminal Charges Against Huawei
News Analysis  | 
1/28/2019  |  3 comments
The Department of Justice has unsealed two separate federal criminal cases against Huawei, accusing the vendor of stealing trade secrets and violating US sanctions.
Verizon Media Cuts Jobs, Has No Growth Plans to Share
The Philter  | 
1/28/2019  |  Post a comment
Verizon Media cuts jobs and leans on the 23-year-old Yahoo brand as the most stable thing in its portfolio. What's next as 5G networks start covering the US? VM is mum about its 'plans for growth and innovation.'
Podcast: What in the 5G World Happened at CES?
The Philter  | 
1/16/2019  |  Post a comment
There was a lot to see in Las Vegas last week, but was there anything said that we had never heard before? Phil Harvey and Mike Dano discuss the week's activities and parse each major carrier's 5G progress following CES 2019.
Huawei's CEO Denies Back Door Theory – Reports
News Analysis  | 
1/15/2019  |  5 comments
Press reports from Shenzen say that Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei has denied that his company has standing orders to install 'back doors' into its gear to allow the Chinese government to spy on Huawei customers.
Sandvine's Global Internet Phenomena: The Trends Shaping Networks Worldwide
LRTV Custom TV  | 
1/15/2019  |  Post a comment
Did you know that Netflix is almost 15% of all Internet downstream traffic worldwide? Or that Google services consume over 40% of all connections in Asia? Explore these data points and many more in Sandvine's 2018 Global Internet Phenomena report at https://www.sandvine.com/phenomena.
Huawei's Head of Sales in Poland Arrested
News Analysis  | 
1/11/2019  |  3 comments
An employee for French telecom operator Orange was arrested at the same time. Curiously, one report said the actions of the accused didn't have anything to do with Huawei at all.
Comment: Update - Phil Harvey - 1/11/2019
Comment: Verizon - Phil Harvey - 1/10/2019
CenturyLink CEO: Outage Could Have Been Bigger
News Analysis  | 
1/10/2019  |  6 comments
CenturyLink's President and CEO Jeff Storey, in a meeting with investors this week, said his company's December 2018 network event was minimized, in part, because of the carrier's network architecture and how it integrates acquisitions.
Podcast: Apple Warns Things Might Get Boring
The Philter  | 
1/9/2019  |  Post a comment
Apple isn't selling as many iPhones as it previously expected, but is that a reason to think the company is in big trouble?
Comment: update - Phil Harvey - 1/9/2019
Comment: Re: Perplexed - Phil Harvey - 1/7/2019
Comment: Re: Perplexed - Phil Harvey - 1/5/2019
ZTE's New Hire Doesn't Inspire
The Philter  | 
1/4/2019  |  5 comments
One of Trump's swamp creatures pledges to help ZTE repair its image problem in the US.
Comment: Rosie says... - Phil Harvey - 1/4/2019
Why CenturyLink's Network Suffered a Christmas Hangover
News Analysis  | 
1/2/2019  |  19 comments
A 'bonkers' network management card had too much eggnog and caused a wave of service outages, including 9-1-1 service, in several states for several days during the last week of 2018.
Light Reading's 41 Most Popular Stories in 2018
The Philter  | 
12/31/2018  |  Post a comment
Everything from enterprise strategies to 5G devices caught our audiences' attention during 2018. At a time when so many changes are bearing down on the telecom world, it's clear that a lot of us still have our heads in the cloud.
Light Reading's 22 Most Popular Huawei Stories in 2018
The Philter  | 
12/24/2018  |  Post a comment
Why have it your way when you can have it Huawei?
Masergy's Ray Watson: Customers Want Security but Pay for Performance
LRTV Interviews  | 
12/21/2018  |  Post a comment
Ray Watson, VP of Global Technology at Masergy, discusses the challenge of securing virtualized telco infrastructure and weighs in on how to handle corporate hacks as well.
Podcast: Ciena CEO Gary Smith Plans for More Growth
The Philter  | 
12/19/2018  |  Post a comment
With its competitors stumbling, its largest customers remaining stable and its markets outside of telecom growing, Ciena is enjoying relatively smooth sailing in CEO Smith's 17th year at the helm.
Cisco Sees Optics Innovation, Manufacturing Automation in Luxtera
News Analysis  | 
12/18/2018  |  Post a comment
Why spend more than $600M on a company that makes optical transceivers? It wasn't just one product, but an entire automated manufacturing process that may help Cisco stay ahead of future bandwidth bottlenecks.
Comment: Re: Who am I - Phil Harvey - 12/15/2018
Preparing Service Provider Infrastructure for 5G Profitability
LRTV Custom TV  | 
12/14/2018  |  Post a comment
Cisco's SVP/GM of Service Provider Network Systems Sumeet Arora explains how Cisco is helping service providers build and automate converged IP networking infrastructure in preparation of 5G to drive multiple revenue-generating streams, such as mobile broadband, IoT and enterprise services.
Anti-Huawei Forces Focus on Sprint/T-Mobile Deal
The Philter  | 
12/14/2018  |  Post a comment
A new report suggests that the US is using its merger approval process to pressure Sprint and T-Mobile's parent companies to back away from Huawei.
Infinera Restructures as It Absorbs Coriant
News Analysis  | 
12/14/2018  |  3 comments
The optical networking vendor said in a filing with the SEC that it will take a charge against earnings related to severance and other related costs.
Ciena Signals Steady Growth & Smooth Sailing Ahead
News Analysis  | 
12/13/2018  |  Post a comment
The optical networking specialist is benefiting from 5G buildouts and webscale traffic monsters, and doing what it can to avoid sitting on a lead.
Huawei CFO Posts Bail in Canada
News Analysis  | 
12/12/2018  |  Post a comment
Huawei's CFO Meng Wanzhou is free on about $7.5 million in bail following a Canadian court ruling on Tuesday. President Trump offers to intervene if China will do a trade deal.
Podcast: The Heat Is on Huawei
The Philter  | 
12/12/2018  |  Post a comment
If Huawei catches a 5G cold, how many operators around the world will suddenly feel a little sick and stay in bed? 'Tis the (flu) season for rampant, worldwide speculation on the Light Reading podcast.
Verizon Buyout Offer Will Cull More Than 6% of Employees by July 2019
News Analysis  | 
12/10/2018  |  Post a comment
CEO Vestberg said the loss of more than 10,000 employees will be seamless to customers.
Smart Cities Are a Truly Different Kind of Telco Business
The Philter  | 
11/28/2018  |  1 comment
Smart cities could be a telco dream come true but for a long-term payoff, they'll need to keep investing in the space and be careful not to overreach.
Podcast: CenturyLink's CxO Moves & Do We Really Need RFPs?
The Philter  | 
11/21/2018  |  Post a comment
On this podcast, we discussed CenturyLink new CTO, why Dull But Critical (DBC) is our favorite category of telecom infrastructure and how cable companies are warming up to the cloud. We also ask a critical question: Does the telecom industry need RFPs?
The 5G Enterprise Conversation
The Philter  | 
11/20/2018  |  Post a comment
For enterprises, 5G opens up a new conversation with carriers – not just about what's possible on their new networks, but what they can do now to help businesses beyond providing connectivity.
Podcast: CommScope & Arris Tie the Knot, but Why?
The Philter  | 
11/19/2018  |  Post a comment
CommScope and Arris are merging. Though they frame this as a complementary deal, there's some lingering questions about the broader strategic rationale of the deal and if this is, indeed, a marriage made in technology heaven.
Having Caught Telcos in Broadband Speeds, Cable Providers Pivot to Apps & Experience
News Analysis  | 
11/15/2018  |  Post a comment
Now that cable providers can deliver 1 Gbit/s download speeds to business customers on their hybrid fiber coax infrastructure, a panel of experts finds that more is needed to win sales over the long run.
The 5G Enterprise Opportunity
LRTV Custom TV  | 
11/12/2018  |  Post a comment
At an exclusive, Amdocs-sponsored executive conference in Dallas, network operators heard top insights from AT&T, IDC and others on the drivers and requirements for tapping into the next great service provider opportunity.
Podcast: Verizon Restructures, Telcos Chase Enterprise Business & Queen Still Rocks
The Philter  | 
11/12/2018  |  Post a comment
5G networks are blurring the lines between what can be done on fixed and mobile networks. And, of course, Verizon and all of the companies building these networks are changing, too. We look a Verizon's recent restructuring and speculate what it might mean for the telco as 5G fever kicks into high gear.
CenturyLink Switches CTOs
The Philter  | 
11/6/2018  |  1 comment
CenturyLink has confirmed that the former Level 3 CTO Andrew Dugan will be the carrier's new technology boss. Aamir Hussain, CenturyLink's CTO since 2014, is leaving the company.
Carriers Keep 5G on the Smart Cities Agenda
The Philter  | 
10/31/2018  |  4 comments
The need to deploy infrastructure to support 5G services is having an impact on just about every smart cities discussion and plan. Even when 5G isn't on the menu, some cities are asking for multi-decade public-partnerships, a chance for someone to influence the next major tech transition.
Arista Promises New 400G Switches for These Cloudy Times
News Analysis  | 
10/23/2018  |  1 comment
Before the end of this year, Arista said it will be shipping at least one new 400G switch aimed at helping cloud and data center providers handle the growth and sheer number of enterprise workloads.
Acacia's Alan Gibbemeyer: 5G Backhaul & Coherent Optics
LRTV Custom TV  | 
10/17/2018  |  Post a comment
Acacia’s Sr. Director of Business Development explains how coherent optical fits in the 5G transport network. He also explains the benefits that coherent offers access aggregation compared to traditional direct detect solutions.
Jack Burton: Cable's 5G Network Opportunity
LRTV Interviews  | 
10/15/2018  |  Post a comment
Broadband Success Partners Principal Jack Burton says 5G represents a great opportunity for cable MSOs to work with 5G network operators and provide not only backhaul, but facilities -- real estate on poles, towers in headends and central offices. Cable's proximity to the customer could provide them a revenue source tied to 5G and edge computing, as well as a long-term hedge against obsolescence.
Meeting the Challenges of Multicloud Service Provider Deployments
LRTV Custom TV  | 
10/15/2018  |  Post a comment
Dr. Vikram Saksena of NETSCOUT discusses how carriers can successfully assure the seamless migration of critical enterprise services to multicloud environments.
Zayo's Brian Daniels: Getting Fiber in Place to Feed 5G Services
LRTV Interviews  | 
10/12/2018  |  Post a comment
The legislative environment now seems to have roadblocks up against fiber deployment, according to Brian Daniels, Zayo's senior VP of strategic networks. He said there's a need for standard fees and permanent processes to help multiple tenants use a city's light poles and other infrastructure so several carriers can efficiently provide competitive services in cities.
Verizon's Glenn Wellbrock: 5G Becomes the New Home Broadband
LRTV Interviews  | 
10/12/2018  |  Post a comment
Verizon's director of optical transport network architecture, design and planning talks about why millimeter wave technology works so well to deliver a home broadband service, and how Verizon intends to reach more places with 5G even where adding new fiber isn't feasible.
AT&T's Gordon Mansfield: Focusing on Mobile 5G
LRTV Interviews  | 
10/11/2018  |  Post a comment
AT&T's VP of converged access and device technology discusses the 5G network buildout and how the carrier's focus on mobile experiences shapes its decisions on fiber use and edge networking as it races to deliver an 'immersive consumer experience.'
Accenture 5G Acceleration Services at Mobile World Congress Americas 2018 – Part 2
Telecom Innovators Video Showcase  | 
10/10/2018  |  Post a comment
Accenture's Jeff Wang and Tejas Rao talk to Light Reading's Phil Harvey about how Accenture is helping clients make the most of the investments needed to evolve and deploy their 5G networks.
PacketFabric: Leading the Way in Highly Scalable Network Automation
Telecom Innovators Video Showcase  | 
10/10/2018  |  Post a comment
Jezzibell Gilmore, co-founder and SVP of Business Development at PacketFabric, provides an overview of PacketFabric's fully automated network-as-a-service platform, explaining how its customers are succeeding with network automation, and talks about how PacketFabric is growing.
Aqsacom's Telecom Cyber-Intelligence Focus Turns to 5G, NFV
The Philter  | 
10/9/2018  |  Post a comment
With one of its most important software updates coming up this month, Aqsacom CEO Gilles Blanc discusses his company's background, technology edge and why 5G is so challenging to cyber-intelligence firms.
CenturyLink's Kevin McBride: On-Net Buildings & a Better Cloud
LRTV Interviews  | 
10/9/2018  |  Post a comment
CenturyLink has more than 100,000 on-net, "lit" buildings in its network. That's a massive advantage in a world where new services require the distribution of virtualized network functions as close to customers as possible, according to Kevin McBride, CenturyLink's principal architect of SDN & NVF technologies.
Accenture 5G Acceleration Services at Mobile World Congress Americas 2018
Telecom Innovators Video Showcase  | 
10/9/2018  |  Post a comment
Accenture's Jeff Wang and Tejas Rao talk to Light Reading's Phil Harvey about how Accenture is uniquely positioned to help clients in the journey to 5G.
Semtech: LoRa Technology Enabling Proven, Flexible IoT Solutions
Telecom Innovators Video Showcase  | 
10/8/2018  |  Post a comment
Marc Pegulu, Vice President and General Manager of Semtech's Wireless and Sensing Products Group, gives an overview of the value and key benefits that LoRa Technology provides enterprises globally for their Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.
Intelligence & Virtualization at the Edge With QOS Networks
LRTV Custom TV  | 
10/3/2018  |  Post a comment
QOS Networks works with enterprise organizations with the challenge of dispersed locations across the nation or the globe. With specialties around delivering and designing SD-WAN and network virtualization services, QOS helps companies have intelligence at their network edge.
The New Infinera Is Already on Edge
The Philter  | 
10/1/2018  |  1 comment
Infinera closed its acquisition of Coriant today, creating one of the world's largest optical networking providers with 600 customers around the world. But talk of a major account challenge mounted by Ciena sent the company's stock tumbling more than 15%.
Cisco's Jonathan Davidson: 5G's Software & Enterprise Networking Opportunity
LRTV Interviews  | 
9/27/2018  |  Post a comment
5G is bringing the industry a new mechanism for delivering services, said Jonathan Davidson, Cisco's new service provider boss. In the run-up to 5G, Davidson said Cisco is helping enterprises partner with service providers to deliver application services with just the right level of policy and security. He also updates us on Cisco's role in building out T-Mobile's virtual packet core in preparation for 5G.
Ericsson's 5G Success Started by 'Doubling Down' on R&D
LRTV Interviews  | 
9/26/2018  |  Post a comment
At MWCA earlier this month, Ericsson North America CEO Niklas Heuveldop discussed Ericsson's market advantage in securing 5G wins in North America and said the industrial IoT space could open up new opportunities in the enterprise in the coming months.
MWCA 2018: Ericsson Booth Tour
LRTV Documentaries  | 
9/26/2018  |  Post a comment
Ericsson's Keith Shank gives us a quick tour of the vendor's sprawling stand at Mobile World Congress Americas, including a look at new medical device applications, city infrastructure and a holographic 'phone' call.
Is Nokia Ready for 5G in North America?
LRTV Interviews  | 
9/25/2018  |  Post a comment
Nokia's head of North America, Rick Corker, gives us an update on the vendor's technical achievements in 5G, its announced wins with carriers and why the North American market is going to be so challenging and competitive as these networks roll out.
MWCA 2018: Nokia Booth Tour
LRTV Documentaries  | 
9/25/2018  |  Post a comment
We took a quick walk around the Nokia stand at Mobile World Congress Americas earlier this month and enjoyed some virtual reality pitches, lessons in network demand forecasting and a discussion of decomposing network functions (I think).
Synchronoss CEO Glenn Lurie: Delivering the New Mobile OS
CxO Spotlight  | 
9/21/2018  |  Post a comment
Glenn Lurie, CEO of software platform provider Synchronoss Technologies, has his work cut out for him. He's helping carriers navigate several possible growth opportunities, like IoT, messaging and personal cloud services. Check out this interview where Lurie discusses the company's newest partnership with AT&T and new proof-of-concept with a blockchain-based mobile payments service.
Affirmed: Becoming The Industry's First 'Mobile Core as a Service'
LRTV Custom TV  | 
9/20/2018  |  Post a comment
Affirmed Networks' VP of Strategic Alliances and Systems Engineering, Amit Tiwari, talks to Light Reading's Phil Harvey about the availability of Affirmed's vEPC on AWS – the industry's first 'Mobile Core as a Service' – and how it represents a game-changer for mobile network operators and the industry.
Sprint's Ron Marquardt: Massive MIMO & Sprint's 5G Advantage
LRTV Interviews  | 
9/20/2018  |  Post a comment
As Sprint upgrades its network to handle more capacity for LTE, it is deploying massive MIMO antennas that provide the carrier a software-upgradable path to 5G services. Sprint's VP of Technology Ron Marquardt fills us in on the very latest, including a bit about why Sprint can use normal form-factor handsets for its network when 5G arrives.

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