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Verizon’s response to T-Mobile trash-talking: Just you wait
News Analysis  | 
11/29/2022  |  Post a comment
At Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Summit, Verizon VP Brian Mecum responded to T-mobile ads: 'That's their focus, good for them.' His focus seems to be on the big things in store for C-band.
T-Mobile execs open a door to mmWave FWA
News Analysis  | 
11/23/2022  |  Post a comment
At a recent Qualcomm media gathering, T-Mobile executives indicated the carrier's 5G ambitions now include a 'much more broader' rollout of voice over 5G next year.
6G advocates mash up a metaverse-centric sales pitch
News Analysis  | 
10/19/2022  |  Post a comment
6GSymposium speakers pin many hopes on higher-frequency bands, notwithstanding mmWave's dubious track record.
A new pitch for mmWave: smart repeaters
News Analysis  | 
10/4/2022  |  Post a comment
MWC Las Vegas speakers endorsed using next-gen repeaters to fill out mmWave coverage instead of throwing more cell sites at the problem.
At MWC, Verizon unwraps upgraded FWA receiver and 5G gaming gambit
News Analysis  | 
9/29/2022  |  Post a comment
Verizon's share of MWC Vegas' opening keynote focused on home broadband and entertainment experiences instead of mobile services.
Qualcomm sells a story of in-car inevitability
News Analysis  | 
9/27/2022  |  Post a comment
The smartphone chipset giant sets its sights on the automotive market, touting support by a wide range of car manufacturers for its Snapdragon Digital Chassis.
Huawei exec generates reality distortion field in IFA keynote
News Analysis  | 
9/5/2022  |  Post a comment
Huawei's William Tian took to the IFA stage to tout the company's products and latest phones. But he did little to address struggles the company faces.
The next wave of wireless security worries: API-driven IoT devices
News Analysis  | 
8/22/2022  |  Post a comment
A recent presentation at a Black Hat information-security conference highlighted the security risks around application programming interfaces in the Internet of Things industry.
LinkNYC begins deploying 5G kiosks – but not yet with 5G inside
News Analysis  | 
8/8/2022  |  Post a comment
LinkNYC's deal with the city, amended in 2021, includes not just a 5G-based business model but the goal of 4,000 kiosks starting in underserved areas.
Telecom needs to get ready for quantum computing, report warns
News Analysis  | 
3/23/2022  |  Post a comment
Of the report's many warnings: 'No online system can be trusted anymore because the current key establishment and key exchanges can be breached.'
USPTO study: Everyone's a winner in 5G patents
News Analysis  | 
3/22/2022  |  Post a comment
Ericsson, Huawei, LG, Nokia, Qualcomm and Samsung rose to the top in a US Patent and Trademark Office report, but none took the lead.
mmWave 5G advocates try to refocus their sales pitch at MWC
News Analysis  | 
3/7/2022  |  Post a comment
A session at last week's big trade show featured speakers from Nokia, Qualcomm, Verizon, Telstra and other companies, and focused on the economic business case supporting mmWave transmissions.
Verizon's Sowmyanarayan on how FWA supports edge computing, private wireless
News Analysis  | 
3/3/2022  |  Post a comment
'We are seeing good coverage exactly where we thought,' Verizon's Sampath Sowmyanarayan said of the company's C-band 5G network. And he said that's helping sales of edge computing and private wireless.
Rosenworcel's MWC appearance hints at shifting spectrum policy
News Analysis  | 
3/1/2022  |  Post a comment
The chair of the FCC discussed the importance of midband spectrum over mmWave spectrum in Barcelona, and said that the agency would auction 2.5GHz spectrum in July.
T-Mobile venture aims to bring 'uncarrier' simplicity to enterprise IoT
News Analysis  | 
2/21/2022  |  Post a comment
T-Mobile's new T-IoT service, a joint venture with its German parent Deutsche Telekom, promises global connectivity and management for connected devices.
More C-band uncertainties show up in 5G's radar
News Analysis  | 
2/2/2022  |  Post a comment
The FAA also has yet to confirm any reports of C-band 5G interference. 'We are using our established safety-reporting systems to look into a handful of reports of possible 5G interference,' the agency said.
T-Mobile debuts new 5G layer cake
News Analysis  | 
12/3/2021  |  Post a comment
T-Mobile execs talked up the carrier's midband 5G network but offered some trash talk on the millimeter wave version of 5G that other executives touted at Qualcomm's summit this week.
Spectrum-sharing task force chair: 'It really doesn't have to be a spectrum fight'
News Analysis  | 
11/24/2021  |  Post a comment
As the commercial 5G industry and the US military begin working to share spectrum in the lower 3GHz band, the head of the National Spectrum Coalition task force on the issue remains hopeful.
Amazon Sidewalk quietly walks on
News Analysis  | 
11/3/2021  |  Post a comment
Roughly a year after Amazon announced its low-powered, wide-area wireless network, details of the offering remain vague.
In a slow race to launch standalone 5G, T-Mobile stands alone for now
News Analysis  | 
10/4/2021  |  Post a comment
AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile are all making moves toward the standalone version of 5G. However, analysts warn that a full-blown, nationwide deployment of the technology may be years away.
AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile try to fuel 5G by fostering startups
News Analysis  | 
9/14/2021  |  Post a comment
All three big US operators have invested in programs to encourage the development of new, fancy 5G applications and services. But so far those efforts haven't given rise to widespread deployments.
5G defends against IMSI catchers – but implementation is critical
News Analysis  | 
8/13/2021  |  Post a comment
A new report presented at the Black Hat security conference indicates that the standalone and non-standalone versions of 5G can potentially support more secure connections.
New Ericsson report calls 46% data traffic growth 'normal'
News Analysis  | 
6/16/2021  |  Post a comment
According to a new Ericsson report, mobile data traffic grew 75% in 2018 and early 2019, but that growth slowed this year.
The forecast for in-person telecom events: Expect a busy Q4
News Analysis  | 
6/15/2021  |  Post a comment
From the Big 5G Event to Connect (X) 2021, ACA Connects and the NAB Show, US telecom executives are expecting a strong return to in-person events in the fall.
Betacom makes its private-wireless-network bid with $15M in funding
News Analysis  | 
5/25/2021  |  Post a comment
Betacom has been building wireless networks in stadiums and elsewhere for decades. Now, the company is expanding into the market for private wireless 4G and 5G networks for enterprises.
Celona unveils 'edgeless enterprise' architecture
News Analysis  | 
5/18/2021  |  Post a comment
Startup hopes to support enterprises looking to transition to private wireless 5G networks on CBRS spectrum.
Dish's Boost Mobile to add telemedicine to the bundle
News Analysis  | 
5/4/2021  |  Post a comment
Alongside calling, texting and mobile hotspot capabilities, Dish Network's Boost Mobile MVNO will also offer telemedicine services through K Health on its $60/month plan.
RootMetrics 5G report puts AT&T in first place
News Analysis  | 
4/15/2021  |  Post a comment
New testing shows T-Mobile provided the best 5G availability in a number of US cities, while AT&T provided superior 5G download speeds and reliability.
Here's how AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile slice and dice 5G plans and pricing
News Analysis  | 
4/14/2021  |  Post a comment
All of the big US network operators are working to get customers to subscribe to their expensive service plans, but the details of their 5G pricing strategies highlight their divergent network positions.

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