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CTA Bullish on AR/VR, but Challenges Remain
News Analysis  | 
1/5/2018  |  Post a comment
Immersive Media Experiences, such as augmented reality and virtual reality are set for rapid growth as adoption of headsets and eyewear 'accelerates considerably' in 2018, according to the CTA.
Yes, We CAN: Microsoft-Led Coalition Targets White Spaces for Rural Broadband
News Analysis  | 
1/4/2018  |  Post a comment
A new Microsoft-led Connect Americans Now (CAN) coalition aims to provide broadband to rural areas using unlicensed broadcast spectrum.
Video in 2018: Key Predictions
News Analysis  | 
1/2/2018  |  Post a comment
What's going to happen in the video industry in the coming year?
HbbTV to Virtualize Set-Top Functions
News Analysis  | 
12/20/2017  |  Post a comment
The HbbTV Association has published its Operator Applications Specification, developed to enable set-top box functionality via an app.
Regulator Raps DT Zero-Rating Service
News Analysis  | 
12/19/2017  |  Post a comment
Germany's telecom regulator has banned elements of Deutsche Telekom's zero-rated service StreamOn, demanding that it align with the EU's net neutrality and roaming requirements.
First VR Industry Guidelines Coming at CES
News Analysis  | 
12/15/2017  |  Post a comment
The Virtual Reality Industry Forum will be presenting the first set of industry guidelines for virtual reality at CES in January.
AI Video Tools Promise Much, but Can They Deliver?
News Analysis  | 
12/12/2017  |  2 comments
Artificial intelligence technology is one of the hottest areas in telecom, but it also holds great potential in the media and entertainment space.
Netflix Evaluating AI for Personalized Trailers
News Analysis  | 
12/8/2017  |  2 comments
The OTT giant is exploring the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to create more personalized trailers to drive subscribers to new shows.
EU Court Ruling Challenges Cloud DVR Services
News Analysis  | 
12/1/2017  |  Post a comment
The EU Court of Justice has ruled that time-shifting video in the cloud is defined as 'communication to the public' and requires the prior permission of the rights holder.
TalkTalk TV Wants to Go Places
News Analysis  | 
11/22/2017  |  1 comment
The UK's fourth-largest operator launches a multiscreen offering.
Telefónica Creates AI Aura Around Pay-TV
News Analysis  | 
11/21/2017  |  Post a comment
Users of Telefonica's Movistar TV service will be able to use the cognitive capabilities of its Aura platform to know, manage and control their digital interactions with the company and identify new, relevant offers.
Hollywood's ACE Sinks Kodi Pirates
News Analysis  | 
11/17/2017  |  Post a comment
The Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) has closed down several key Kodi add-ons delivering popular pirated streaming services.
Telekom Austria Launches Zero-Rated Service
News Analysis  | 
11/14/2017  |  1 comment
Austrian incumbent is the first to offer zero-rated service in Austria, but follows DT and Vodafone in Germany and others in the US.
New Nanoservices Platform Powers BBC Sports Streaming Explosion
News Analysis  | 
11/9/2017  |  Post a comment
A new internally developed platform, BBC Live, will help the BBC deliver an additional 1,000 hours of streaming video from 30 different sports.
Intel to Power NBA's VR Coverage
News Analysis  | 
11/8/2017  |  Post a comment
The NBA and Turner Sports are partnering with Intel to provide virtual reality coverage of the All-Star weekend in February 2018.
Microsoft & Apple See Coming Augmented Reality Revolution
News Analysis  | 
11/7/2017  |  3 comments
Apple CEO says augmented reality will 'change everything,' while Microsoft UK CEO says 'mixed reality' will spur a 'fourth industrial revolution.'
Telstra Goes Hybrid with New Roku-Powered 4K HDR Service
News Analysis  | 
10/27/2017  |  Post a comment
Telstra TV Goes Hybrid with New Roku-Powered 4K HDR Service
Income Drives Cord-Cutting, Not Age: Report
News Analysis  | 
10/26/2017  |  9 comments
New research from Mintel appears to contradict conventional wisdom, saying that cord-cutting is driven by income rather than by age or OTT services.
Netflix's Busy Week: Debt, Data & Video Monogamy
News Analysis  | 
10/25/2017  |  15 comments
A summary of Netflix-related news from the past week.
Qwilt Takes Limelight to the Edge
News Analysis  | 
10/24/2017  |  Post a comment
Caching vendor Qwilt and CDN Limelight today announced an integrated solution to bring content closer to the end-user and improve QoE.
Eastern Europe: OTT's Final Frontier?
News Analysis  | 
10/20/2017  |  Post a comment
Operators and broadcasters in central and eastern Europe remain sanguine about the threat from OTT services.
Nielsen Sizes Up Netflix
News Analysis  | 
10/19/2017  |  4 comments
Nielsen, the company that tracks TV viewership in the US, has added a new product that tracks Netflix viewing.
Broadcast/Multicast Critical for Live Streaming – Heavy Reading Advisory Board
News Analysis  | 
10/18/2017  |  Post a comment
New research from Heavy Reading's Video Transformation Advisory Board (VTAB) addresses a number of key issues facing operators offering video services.
Worried About Bandwidth for 4K? Here Comes 8K!
News Analysis  | 
10/17/2017  |  8 comments
Japanese broadcaster NHK announces the launch of the world's first 8K channel in December 2018.
Google Pitches TV-Like Quality for Online Ads
News Analysis  | 
10/12/2017  |  2 comments
Having developed a platform for monetizing newspaper content online, Google has now set its sights on monetizing online advertising for broadcasters.
Mobile Video Gobbling Viewing Time, Says Ericsson Study
News Analysis  | 
10/9/2017  |  1 comment
Ericsson's ConsumerLab releases findings from its most recent wave of research.
Netflix Hikes Rates, Tries to Outrun Debt
News Analysis  | 
10/6/2017  |  5 comments
The OTT video leader has raised its prices for the first time in three years according to reports.
Facebook Accelerates But YouTube Dominates – Report
News Analysis  | 
10/5/2017  |  6 comments
Facebook is now the second-largest online distributor of video, according to new research from Ampere Analysis.
Mobile AR to Rocket Past Other Immersive Formats
News Analysis  | 
10/4/2017  |  1 comment
New research from Digi-Capital finds that mobile AR will be the fastest-growing segment in the AR/VR space.
Spatulas & Cats to Replace TV Remote
News Analysis  | 
10/3/2017  |  1 comment
New technology from the University of Lancaster could replace remote controls with 'gesture control.'
Blockbuster Makes a Comeback in the Nordics
News Analysis  | 
9/29/2017  |  6 comments
Danish operator TDC is rolling out a pan-Nordic VoD service under the Blockbuster brand, after acquiring it three years ago.
Live TV Fragmenting, Not Dying – YouGov
News Analysis  | 
9/28/2017  |  3 comments
New research from YouGov shows that UK viewers are still viewing content from TV shows, even though they are doing so on multiple platforms.
Facebook Signs Highlights Deal With NFL
News Analysis  | 
9/27/2017  |  7 comments
The social media giant is adding to its sports video library at a steady rate.
European Online Video Ad Spend Up 21%
News Analysis  | 
9/26/2017  |  2 comments
A new report from RTL Group ad network Ad Connect estimates that spending on online video advertising is growing rapidly, but is still a small part of total video advertising.
Disney Gets Green Light on BAMTech Buy
News Analysis  | 
9/22/2017  |  Post a comment
Disney's purchase of a majority stake in BAMTech has been approved ahead of schedule.
'GIGAWorld' Innovation to Unlock Trillions in Annual Revenue
News Analysis  | 
9/21/2017  |  Post a comment
New research from Liberty Global and consultancy Arthur D. Little claims that gigabit broadband connections will create trillions in economic value through new services.
1 Million Pirate Set-Top Boxes Sold in the UK
News Analysis  | 
9/20/2017  |  12 comments
A new report from a number of UK law enforcement agencies estimates that illegal set-top boxes with applications that support pirated streaming services are widely distributed in the UK every year.
82% of TV Consumption Is Still Live TV, Says ITV's Online Head
News Analysis  | 
9/19/2017  |  1 comment
The head of online at British commercial broadcaster discussed the progress the ITV Hub has made, but pointed out that the vast majority of TV consumption is still live and linear.
Community Is Key to Video – Facebook's Danker
News Analysis  | 
9/14/2017  |  Post a comment
Daniel Danker, product director at Facebook and head of its video product strategy, kicked off IBC today by outlining his vision of community-driven video experiences.
VRIF to Release First VR Guidelines at IBC
News Analysis  | 
9/13/2017  |  1 comment
The Virtual Reality Industry Forum (VRIF), created to coordinate technology development and interoperability across the fledgling VR industry, will be releasing the first draft of its guidelines at the IBC event.
VR, Cloud, Security Are Key Issues at 50th IBC
News Analysis  | 
9/11/2017  |  Post a comment
IBC, the big media conference held in Amsterdam every year, starts this Thursday. We discuss the main issues relevant to service providers that are expected to take center stage.
Vivendi to Merge Struggling Dailymotion With Besieged Watchever
News Analysis  | 
9/8/2017  |  Post a comment
The French media conglomerate is reportedly merging its Watchever unit with Dailymotion, combining two challenged video streaming brands in the hope they will succeed.
Nielsen: Everyone Wants More Video
News Analysis  | 
9/7/2017  |  1 comment
New research from The Nielsen Company finds that digital video consumption and live streaming are up – and unexpectedly, so are DVD sales.
Slim's Bundle: Telmex Could Offer TV Services Soon
News Analysis  | 
9/5/2017  |  3 comments
A new report from the OECD recommends allowing billionaire Carlos Slim's America Movil should enter the Mexican pay-TV market as soon as possible.
GoT Season Finale Amped HBO Traffic 40% – Telenor
News Analysis  | 
9/4/2017  |  Post a comment
HBO's Game of Thrones is particularly popular in the Nordics and is having a significant impact on the Norwegian incumbent's network traffic.
Deutsche Telekom Unveils Major Content Push
News Analysis  | 
9/1/2017  |  5 comments
The German incumbent announced this morning that it would be adding a slate of exclusive content; several new partners, including Netflix and Fox; and UHD support to its Entertain TV service.
Showtime Punched for Sloppy Streaming
News Analysis  | 
8/31/2017  |  4 comments
A streaming user unable to see the much hyped Mayweather-McGregor fight due to 'grainy video, error screens, buffer events, and stalls,' has filed a lawsuit against Showtime.
'Anti-Dolby' HDR10+ Alliance Announced
News Analysis  | 
8/30/2017  |  3 comments
Panasonic and 20th Century Fox join Samsung in promoting royalty-free rival to Dolby.
Too Many Streaming Services, Say Millennials
News Analysis  | 
8/25/2017  |  27 comments
New research discovers the first signs of 'OTT fatigue,' with younger respondents increasingly concerned about the cost of adding up these services.
Disney, iflix Team Up to Take Down Netflix
News Analysis  | 
8/22/2017  |  6 comments
Disney to provide the first 'channel' on Malaysia-based streaming video service iflix.
Comcast's X1 Clips Canadian Cord-Cutting
News Analysis  | 
8/17/2017  |  Post a comment
New research finds that cord-cutting among the larger Canadian operators has slowed, largely due to the adoption of Comcast's X1 platform.
Stream or Split, Says Amazon
News Analysis  | 
8/16/2017  |  3 comments
Amazon announced it will be shuttering its Lovefilm DVD-by-mail business in the UK and Germany by the end of October.
Engagement, Brand Perception Depend on Video QoE – Akamai
News Analysis  | 
8/15/2017  |  2 comments
A new study commissioned by Akamai used new technology-based research methods to evaluate test subjects' responses to video streams at different qualities.
Snapchat Misses Estimates, Eyes Reality Shows
News Analysis  | 
8/11/2017  |  7 comments
Snapchat has been seen as the primary competitor for Facebook in the coming years, but now it has missed Wall Street expectations for two straight quarters. Will investors keep the faith?
Facebook Flexes Its Video Muscle With Launch of 'Watch'
News Analysis  | 
8/10/2017  |  3 comments
Facebook is launching a new video tab, called Watch, dedicated to video shows and offering professionally produced content.
Disney Joins OTT Bandwagon
News Analysis  | 
8/9/2017  |  8 comments
Following on the heels of CBS, Disney announced the forthcoming launch of a global direct-to-consumer streaming service.
CBS Streaming Service to Expand Globally
News Analysis  | 
8/8/2017  |  1 comment
US broadcaster CBS has announced that it will be launching its OTT streaming service in Canada in the first half of next year, followed by several other countries.
Youth, Mobile Driving Internet Adoption in Developing Countries: ITU
News Analysis  | 
8/4/2017  |  1 comment
New research from the ITU finds that growth in Internet adoption is being driven by younger people and mobile networks are increasingly being used to access the web, rather than fixed-line networks.
Automation, Machine Learning Key to YouTube Clean-Up
News Analysis  | 
8/3/2017  |  6 comments
Video-sharing site has been criticized for allowing hate speech on its site, and faces challenges from advertisers concerned that their ads appear next to inappropriate content.
TV Screen Still Most Valuable for Advertisers
News Analysis  | 
8/2/2017  |  3 comments
Two reports offer insight into advertising effectiveness via broadcast TV and streaming video to specialized OTT devices.
Twitter Ramps Up Premium Video Content
News Analysis  | 
8/1/2017  |  2 comments
Twitter announced that it has grown its premium video offering but that monthly users were flat for the second quarter.
Sky Eyes Spanish Streaming Opportunity
News Analysis  | 
7/28/2017  |  Post a comment
Sky has announced in its earnings report that it will be entering the Spanish market with an OTT video streaming service.
German Video Revenues Hit New Heights – VPRT
News Analysis  | 
7/27/2017  |  Post a comment
New research from commercial broadcast association VPRT finds that revenue from pay-TV and video services grew 11% last year and predicts growth will be sustained in 2017.
Vivendi to Launch New Italian TV Offensive With TIM, Canal Plus
News Analysis  | 
7/26/2017  |  Post a comment
Telecom Italia is set to launch a new premium content channel as well as acquire and produce content in partnership with fellow Vivendi company Canal Plus, according to reports.
NCTC Adds Vue to Line-Up
News Analysis  | 
7/25/2017  |  1 comment
Cable co-operative announces deal with OTT service Vue, allowing members to distribute Sony PlayStation's skinny bundle.
BBC Head: We Must Reinvent Broadcasting for a New Generation
News Analysis  | 
7/21/2017  |  6 comments
BBC Director-General Tony Hall says BBC must respond to younger viewers consuming content in different ways in the British public broadcaster's annual report.
Apple's SSO Picked Up by Indy Operators
News Analysis  | 
7/20/2017  |  Post a comment
Ten operators affiliated with the National Cable Television Cooperative (NCTC) launched Apple's single sign-on facility within their TV Everywhere apps.
Mobile to Power Online Video Consumption – Zenith
News Analysis  | 
7/19/2017  |  9 comments
Latest edition of the media agency's annual Online Video Forecast finds that mobile video will power the next growth spurt in online video consumption.
Liberty Global Joins Original Content Party
News Analysis  | 
7/18/2017  |  Post a comment
Liberty Global announces the launch of a global television production and distribution studio, Platform One Media, along with private equity firm TPG Growth.
Facebook: Sync Content With TV Ads to Catch Wandering Eyeballs
News Analysis  | 
7/14/2017  |  2 comments
Facebook IQ analyzed findings from an eye-tracking study on how and why TV viewers use smartphones, and suggests that advertisers would benefit from synchronizing Facebook content with TV commercials.
Nielsen Report Highlights Pay-TV Dilemma
News Analysis  | 
7/13/2017  |  4 comments
Live TV viewing continues to drop, but still accounts for vast majority of video viewing time.
Apple Facing New Video Challenge – Report
News Analysis  | 
7/12/2017  |  3 comments
A new report in the Wall Street Journal says that Apple is losing video market share while Netflix, Amazon and pay-TV providers like Comcast make gains.
Ofcom Report Details Shifts in UK Video Consumption
News Analysis  | 
7/11/2017  |  Post a comment
UK communications regulator Ofcom recently released its annual public broadcasting research report, detailing changes in viewing behaviors among different age groups.
C Spire Launches Boxless TV Service
News Analysis  | 
7/7/2017  |  3 comments
The Mississippi-based operator has launched its new streaming video service designed to target multi-screen usage.
Verizon-Disney Rumor Dismissed by Analysts
News Analysis  | 
7/4/2017  |  5 comments
Fun idea, but two Wall Street analysts are savaging it.
Vivendi-Mediaset: Bad Romance Gets Worse
News Analysis  | 
6/30/2017  |  Post a comment
Mediaset chairman told shareholders yesterday that it had filed a new lawsuit against Vivendi, and would be focusing on bringing its Premium service back into the black.
Orange Gears Up for Gruelling Tour de France Test
News Analysis  | 
6/29/2017  |  2 comments
Covering the 21-stage Tour de France is no small undertaking for Orange.
Europe Lagging US, China in UHD Purchases
News Analysis  | 
6/28/2017  |  6 comments
Sales of 4K UHD TVs are growing steadily in Europe, according to new research, but European adoption lags China and the US.
Hulu Is Greatest Threat to Pay-TV Providers – Study
News Analysis  | 
6/27/2017  |  14 comments
Research from M Science suggests that cord-cutting is highest among Hulu subscribers, as opposed to Netflix or Amazon.
Brexit to Hit UK-Based Broadcasters – Report
News Analysis  | 
6/23/2017  |  4 comments
A new report from media consultancy Expert Media Partners (EMP) finds that the UK's decision to leave Europe could have far reaching consequences for its role as a European media hub.
European Broadcasters Team Up to Take Down Netflix
News Analysis  | 
6/22/2017  |  4 comments
French and Italian public broadcasters announce a partnership to create high-quality content for a global market, and compete with the growing popularity of US streaming services.
Interactive TV: Do We Really Want It?
News Analysis  | 
6/21/2017  |  6 comments
Netflix has launched an interactive TV show with 'choice points' where viewers decide where to take the story next.
What's Your CDN Strategy?
News Analysis  | 
6/20/2017  |  1 comment
Identifying the best CDN strategy allows video distributors to optimize quality of experience and delivery cost as video streaming ramps up.
EBU Rides Into Virtual Reality 'Wild West'
News Analysis  | 
6/16/2017  |  Post a comment
The European Broadcast Union is taking an active role in shaping new standards in the virtual reality arena.
Lockheed Martin: VR Is on Our Radar
News Analysis  | 
6/15/2017  |  3 comments
The manufacturer of weapons systems for the US Navy reveals how VR is helping it install radar systems in naval vessels.
Boeing: Productive VR Cuts Training Time by 75%
News Analysis  | 
6/15/2017  |  2 comments
The aircraft manufacturer uses VR to help with training and maintenance tasks, finding it is a far more effective medium than traditional manuals.
How VR Could Cut Toilet Roll Use
News Analysis  | 
6/13/2017  |  4 comments
VR better engages audiences and drives home important messages, according to Greg Furber, director of VR at content creation company Rewind.
Netflix Leads US OTT Video Market But...
News Analysis  | 
4/14/2017  |  Post a comment
Recent data from Comscore finds that nearly three out of every four OTT homes in the US have Netflix – to no one's surprise.
Deutsche Telekom Preps for 4K Launch
News Analysis  | 
4/7/2017  |  Post a comment
Deutsche Telekom will start offering 4K Ultra HD channels as part of its Entertain TV service later this year,
Social Live Streaming: Killer App, or the App That Kills?
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes  | 
3/22/2017  |  1 comment
If social live streaming becomes as popular as the Zuckerbergs of the world anticipate, it could become the mobile operators' greatest challenge.
Measuring Mobile Gaming QoE
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes  | 
11/21/2016  |  1 comment
Huawei has announced a new approach to measuring the quality of a user's gaming experience.
China Mobile Touts 409M 4G Subs
News Analysis  | 
6/30/2016  |  Post a comment
CEO outlines ongoing massive 4G growth and talks 5G broadband speeds at MWC Shanghai show.
China's MIIT Outlines 4-Point Plan to Drive Innovation
News Analysis  | 
6/29/2016  |  1 comment
China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) wants operators to enable 'smart manufacturing.'
eMBMS: Revolutionary Technology or Alphabet Soup?
Column  | 
4/9/2014  |  2 comments
Will eMBMS be the mobile broadbcast technology that takes off, or the latest in a line of flops?
Operator CDNs: Prioritize Purpose Over Platform
Column  | 
10/24/2013  |  1 comment
There's more than one type of content delivery network, as network operators have been discovering.

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