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Productizing edge deployment
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes  | 
9/21/2022  |  Post a comment
To successfully deploy edge computing solutions, CSPs must find partners that can help them fill in the gap between what enterprises need and what the CSPs are offering. #sponsored
Opening a path to open RAN
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes  | 
5/16/2022  |  Post a comment
Carriers need partners that can negate the impact of their skills shortage and can assist them in deploying an open RAN solution that leverages a multivendor, best-of-breed platform. #sponsored
New report underscores the amplified role of the hyperscalers in carrier edge deployments
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes  | 
4/11/2022  |  Post a comment
SPONSORED: Heavy Reading's survey results show that CSPs have unquestionably decided to partner with hyperscalers in their multi-access edge computing (MEC) services.
The edge computing challenge
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes  | 
3/29/2022  |  Post a comment
SPONSORED: A new Heavy Reading survey indicates that CSPs face a variety of hurdles to overcome when deploying MEC platforms.
New report highlights MEC performance challenges and how perception changes after production deployment
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes  | 
3/16/2022  |  Post a comment
SPONSORED: Heavy Reading's survey results indicate that the deployment of edge computing introduces issues of scale and complexity, and CSPs are most concerned with overall network performance and security.
New report explores how CSPs are leveraging (or not) open APIs in their journey to cloud native infrastructure
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes  | 
1/31/2022  |  Post a comment
SPONSORED: The findings from Heavy Reading's The Journey to Cloud Native report indicate that CSPs and their partners are in the early stages of designing and deploying scalable cloud native applications through the use of open APIs.
New report highlights cloud-native migration challenges
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes  | 
1/17/2022  |  Post a comment
SPONSORED: The migration to cloud native brings large-scale shifts for the communications service providers.
New SD-WAN managed services survey: Key service differentiators and challenges have a lot in common
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes  | 
1/25/2021  |  Post a comment
SPONSORED: The findings from Heavy Reading's "The Carriers Speak" report show that both the key differentiators and challenges for SD-WAN managed services focus on how to meet enterprise business needs.
New report highlights SD-WAN management challenges and key role of automation
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes  | 
1/7/2021  |  Post a comment
SPONSORED: Findings from Heavy Reading's 'The Carriers Speak: The Future of Managed SD-WAN Services' report suggest that SD-WAN SPs are focused on automating processes to accelerate growth of the service and monetize it more effectively.
New report highlights MEC drivers and how carriers will build out the edge
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes  | 
11/18/2020  |  Post a comment
SPONSORED: The findings from Heavy Reading's 'Edge Computing in Telco Networks' report show that in this early stage of the MEC market, service providers are relying on a lot of DIY with assists from vendors and platform providers.
New report demonstrates the role of the edge in the data-driven network
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes  | 
11/9/2020  |  Post a comment
SPONSORED: The findings from Heavy Reading's 'Edge Computing in Telco Networks' report show that security, latency and the move to vRAN are key drivers for edge computing factors in the telco environment.
Stressing out about the network
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes  | 
11/4/2020  |  Post a comment
SPONSORED: How are the carriers adapting to address the network stressors brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic? They are simplifying, automating and aiming for the fully virtualized, cloud-native network.
Accelerating the edge
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes  | 
10/30/2020  |  Post a comment
SPONSORED: 5G is rolling out quickly and bringing mobile edge computing with it. Carriers need cost-effective edge solutions that can scale in terms of performance and ease of deployment and management. Leveraging FPGAs in COTS platforms may be the answer.
Carrier networks must integrate and automate to chase innovation
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes  | 
10/20/2020  |  Post a comment
SPONSORED: As COVID-19 speeds up operator need to support a shift in how and where customers access network services, automation and development are key for success.
Service providers: Are you cloud confident?
LRTV Custom TV  | 
10/6/2020  |  Post a comment
Dr. Vikram Saksena, chief solutions architect of NETSCOUT's CTO office, and Light Reading's Principal Analyst Jennifer Clark, discuss the exciting transition to cloud native for communications service providers
New report reveals how an expanding network is driving carriers to the edge
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes  | 
10/1/2020  |  Post a comment
Technologies never roll out as quickly as expected. Barriers to implementation arise, exuberance turns to pragmatism and numbers are restated. Not so with 5G.

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