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NTT DoCoMo prepares mobile price cuts to follow SoftBank, KDDI
News Analysis  | 
10/29/2020  |  Post a comment
But few customers are likely to feel the benefit of forthcoming reductions, according to analysts.
Facebook seeks more telecom co-investments
News Analysis  | 
10/28/2020  |  Post a comment
Moving away from the single lane, Facebook sees co-investment and partnership as a solution to the digital divide.
Japan government launches crusade to cut mobile charges
News Analysis  | 
10/27/2020  |  Post a comment
The Japanese government has begun a push to drive down mobile prices, estimated to cost up to three times more than other leading markets.
Top China telecom official defends 5G rollout
News Analysis  | 
10/26/2020  |  Post a comment
Just give it time, says the man from the ministry.
Huawei growth slows as US sanctions bite
News Analysis  | 
10/23/2020  |  Post a comment
US sanctions are starting to slow Huawei down, with the Chinese vendor reporting a slide in growth and profit margin.
US-China telecom war is here to stay
News Analysis  | 
10/20/2020  |  Post a comment
Today's hardline approach has been a long time coming.
Hutchison HK jump-starts market with 5G price cuts
News Analysis  | 
10/19/2020  |  Post a comment
The operator is taking advantage of the iPhone 12 launch to undercut its big rivals.
'Fake, dumb, and poor' – Huawei exec unloads on China 5G
News Analysis  | 
10/15/2020  |  Post a comment
Ryan Ding, head of Huawei's carrier business, has criticised China's 5G, saying the world's biggest rollout lags behind others – in particular South Korea.
Huawei, China Mobile pitch network smarts together
News Analysis  | 
10/14/2020  |  Post a comment
Huawei unveils AI-powered connectivity to untangle network complexity for carriers and enterprise.
China's newest telco starts up
News Analysis  | 
10/13/2020  |  Post a comment
China's CBN joins the game, but will the new mobile entrant survive?
Will the iPhone be the spark that 5G needs?
News Analysis  | 
10/12/2020  |  Post a comment
Operators and consumers are waiting on Apple to release its first 5G-compatible device.
5G: The end of the beginning
News Analysis  | 
10/8/2020  |  Post a comment
The new mobile technology is at last starting to have a positive impact on results for some operators.
Dito says it's on track to break Philippines duopoly in March
News Analysis  | 
10/7/2020  |  Post a comment
Dito CTO says the company built 859 basestations by mid-September and aims to complete at least 2,000 by year-end.
Taiwan Mobile ups 5G investment by 75%
News Analysis  | 
10/6/2020  |  Post a comment
Taiwan Mobile has become the latest Asian operator to double down on its 5G network investment.
Singtel CEO exits after 13 years
News Analysis  | 
10/5/2020  |  Post a comment
Yuen Kuan Moon, head of consumer business and chief digital officer, has been named successor.
Alibaba eyes profit as China cloud gathers head of steam
News Analysis  | 
10/5/2020  |  Post a comment
China's cloud business is growing quickly, but its biggest player remains in the shadow of US rivals.
Telstra launches 5G fixed wireless
News Analysis  | 
10/1/2020  |  Post a comment
The Telstra move has sparked discussion about whether 5G is a direct competitor to NBN.
NTT to reacquire DoCoMo for hefty $38B
News Analysis  | 
9/29/2020  |  Post a comment
NTT will pay 4.3 trillion yen ($38B), a 41% premium, to bring DoCoMo back in-house, the largest such deal in Japan.
SMIC added to entity list as China sees chip mini-boom
News Analysis  | 
9/28/2020  |  Post a comment
US export restrictions have sparked a semiconductor mini-boom for China as it seeks to reduce dependence on imports – but the chip rush has some observers worried.
China's 110M 5G subs can't overcome industry headwinds
News Analysis  | 
9/25/2020  |  Post a comment
The new technology has not led to gains for service providers in a huge market that is reaching saturation.
Huawei sets out its stall for the digital economy
News Analysis  | 
9/24/2020  |  Post a comment
At Huawei Connect 2020, held virtually this year, the company emphasized its focus on connectivity, computing, cloud and AI.
After seven years of copper, Australian NBN pivots to fiber
News Analysis  | 
9/24/2020  |  Post a comment
The government and NBN Co will upgrade the state-funded wholesale network to deliver up to 1 Gbit/s to another 6 million premises.
South Korean operators team up with AWS, Google for MEC
News Analysis  | 
9/21/2020  |  Post a comment
South Korea is becoming a mobile edge testbed, with each of its three telcos forging an alliance with different global partners.
Huawei will run out of smartphone chips early next year
News Analysis  | 
9/18/2020  |  Post a comment
Three key questions about US sanctions and their impact on Huawei and the global market at large.
Telcos need to get in shape for the rush to the edge
News Analysis  | 
9/17/2020  |  Post a comment
IDC researcher says telcos need to rethink business models and architectures to prepare for the enterprise rush to the network edge.
Duterte ultimatum galvanizes Philippines telcos
News Analysis  | 
9/16/2020  |  Post a comment
Philippines operators and officials speed up cellsite moves in the wake of the president's ultimatum.
Taiwan 5G shake-out starts as FarEasTone, APT forge alliance
News Analysis  | 
9/14/2020  |  Post a comment
The alliance is the first 5G spectrum sharing deal since the NCC announced it would allow sharing in the 3.5GHz band.
China can't manage domestic cybersecurity, let alone the world's
News Analysis  | 
9/11/2020  |  Post a comment
China has a long way to go in providing a fair and equitable domestic cybersecurity environment.
Huawei HarmonyOS 2.0 ready for smartphones in 2021
News Analysis  | 
9/10/2020  |  Post a comment
Huawei says the updated OS can currently support IoT devices with RAM of up to 128MB, such as smart TVs, wearables and cars.
China's fast 5G rollout is widening its digital divide
News Analysis  | 
9/9/2020  |  Post a comment
Chinese operators have deployed nearly 500,000 5G basestations, but MIIT figures show they serve a tiny proportion of potential users.
China's biggest private broadband player heads for the exit
News Analysis  | 
9/7/2020  |  Post a comment
Dr. Peng sells wholly owned Great Wall Broadband and other assets to new state-backed technology firm Zhongan Industrial Investment.
Malaysia pushes 5G back to 2022
News Analysis  | 
9/4/2020  |  Post a comment
The Jendela plan, unveiled by Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, prioritizes upgrading broadband and 4G and shutting 3G by end of 2021.
Taming the tech giants
News Analysis  | 
9/3/2020  |  Post a comment
Responding to unresolved issues around abuse of market power, authorities are creating new rules to control Facebook, Google and other tech behemoths.
SmarTone takes on HKT with 5G home broadband
News Analysis  | 
9/2/2020  |  Post a comment
Hong Kong telco SmarTone has announced a fixed wireless service that will effectively target incumbent HKT.
China Telecom boffin warns of 'capacity crunch'
News Analysis  | 
8/28/2020  |  Post a comment
Wei Leping, director of China Telecom's science and technology committee, warned that networks need to go all-optical to avoid 'capacity crunch.'
China's CBN gets Alibaba backing in $14.7B restructure
News Analysis  | 
8/27/2020  |  Post a comment
The state-owned player has been recapitalized with 101 billion yuan (US$14.7 billion) from investors including Alibaba and State Grid.
4G has years of growth ahead in emerging markets
News Analysis  | 
8/25/2020  |  Post a comment
Despite the onward march of 5G, LTE's share of global subs is expected to rise to 56% by 2025 with 4G still growing in emerging markets.
Does Huawei have a future?
News Analysis  | 
8/24/2020  |  Post a comment
The US has tightened restrictions on the Chinese vendor, effectively ensuring no company can use US equipment or software to supply Huawei.
China's CBN still short of 5G cash and answers
News Analysis  | 
8/21/2020  |  Post a comment
China Broadcasting Network (CBN) is far behind 5G rivals, stymied largely by funding challenges, and time is running out.
Singapore gets taste of 5G as Malaysia dithers
News Analysis  | 
8/20/2020  |  Post a comment
Singapore is now getting its first taste of 5G, while neighbor Malaysia is still stuck at the starting line.
Four things we've learned from China operator results
News Analysis  | 
8/18/2020  |  Post a comment
China Telecom has rounded out results season with a flat first-half result. China Mobile and MIIT results are also already out. Here's what we've learned.
Time for some actual rules on China tech trade
News Analysis  | 
8/17/2020  |  Post a comment
President Trump told a weekend press conference that after banning TikTok he would turn his attention to e-commerce giant Alibaba and other Chinese companies.
Telstra stock slides after 14% profit fall
News Analysis  | 
8/13/2020  |  Post a comment
Australian telco Telstra stock slides after reporting 14% profit drop in full-year earnings, amid concerns over mobile and broadband businesses.
Huawei running out of chips, but not out of options
News Analysis  | 
8/12/2020  |  Post a comment
China tech giant Huawei is in a race to find a new source of high-end chips, after the US chip manufacture ban takes effect from September 15.
China Tower net up 17%, NBN halves EBITDA loss
News Analysis  | 
8/11/2020  |  Post a comment
Two state-owned infrastructure specialists results – China Tower and Australia’s NBN Co are – reaping the benefit of 5G rollout.
Sweeping China bans could mean heavy costs for US firms
News Analysis  | 
8/10/2020  |  Post a comment
Apple and Qualcomm face soaring costs as Trump's war on China ratchets up bans on social platforms TikTok and WeChat, as part of the Clean Network strategy.
LG Uplus defies gloom to hike earnings 53%
News Analysis  | 
8/10/2020  |  Post a comment
Subs growth and lower costs lift South Korean operator LG Uplus net 53%, while larger rival KT saw lower revenues and a mixed bag thanks to coronavirus.
SKT grows operating income 11% thanks to media, commerce units
News Analysis  | 
8/6/2020  |  Post a comment
Forget 5G: media and commerce are making the gains for Asian operators right now.
Telstra speeds up 5G rollout and raises prices
News Analysis  | 
8/5/2020  |  Post a comment
Australian operator Telstra is speeding up 5G rollout – and raising prices – while in New Zealand, the platform has only just arrived via local telco Spark.
NTT DoCoMo's non-telecom services rescue Q2 result
News Analysis  | 
8/3/2020  |  Post a comment
NTT DoCoMo's Smart Life services save Q2 bottom line.
KDDI feels crisis over low 5G adoption
News Analysis  | 
7/31/2020  |  Post a comment
Japan's KDDI enjoys profit, ARPU boost thanks to COVID-19 – but feels a sense of 'crisis' over 5G.
As industry races to 5G, Telstra and Optus row over 4G coverage
News Analysis  | 
7/30/2020  |  Post a comment
Telstra takes Optus to court over allegedly misleading ads.
Philippines' Duterte threatens PLDT, Globe with expropriation
News Analysis  | 
7/28/2020  |  Post a comment
Philippines' Duterte warns of 'expropriation' if telcos don't improve services.
Huawei takes charm offensive online
News Analysis  | 
7/27/2020  |  Post a comment
Huawei will host an online summit on the potential to tackle coronavirus and the climate crisis through its 5G and mobile tech.
China telcos show off smart grid, new private network services
News Analysis  | 
7/24/2020  |  Post a comment
China confirms 66 million real 5G subs as operators unveil private network schemes.
Hong Kong consults on assigning more 4.9GHz spectrum
News Analysis  | 
7/23/2020  |  Post a comment
Following last year's spectrum auction, Hong Kong has begun an industry consultation on releasing a further slice of 4.9GHz for 5G.
China reportedly weighing export ban on Nokia, Ericsson
News Analysis  | 
7/21/2020  |  Post a comment
Beijing officials may prohibit the export of Ericsson and Nokia equipment out of China if European countries ban Chinese firms from 5G.
Huawei set to dominate as 5G battle shifts to SE Asia
News Analysis  | 
7/20/2020  |  Post a comment
Despite setbacks, Huawei is positioned to dominate as 5G launches in Southeast Asian markets.
China extends the Great Firewall to Hong Kong
News Analysis  | 
7/17/2020  |  Post a comment
Tech firms are reconsidering their futures as the Great Firewall is imposed on Hong Kong.
Huawei: China's complaints about fairness ring hollow
News Analysis  | 
7/16/2020  |  Post a comment
Fairness is a handy China talking point, but in reality it has made little effort to keep its promises on market access.
Samsung lays out 6G vision: THz, mobile holograms, AI
News Analysis  | 
7/14/2020  |  Post a comment
The South Korean electronics giant has released a new white paper on the '6G arms race' and its vision for likely applications.
China's 5G question: Why are so few using it?
News Analysis  | 
7/13/2020  |  Post a comment
Numbers aside, China has yet to prove that consumers see a value in upgrading to 5G.
Bulked-up TPG set to take on Australian 5G market
News Analysis  | 
7/10/2020  |  Post a comment
Merged TPG is set to formally start operations on July 13 with a focus on 5G buildout as it takes on an Australian telco duopoly.
'Long way to go' to commercial network slicing, says China expert
News Analysis  | 
7/9/2020  |  Post a comment
The industry is still far from turning slicing into a seamless and monetizable service.
Asian telcos grapple with 2G closures
News Analysis  | 
7/8/2020  |  Post a comment
With 5G on board, Asian telcos are now moving to shut down their 2G networks.
Huawei now a surrogate for China threat as US gains some ground
News Analysis  | 
7/6/2020  |  Post a comment
The Chinese equipment vendor is being driven out of telco networks in the West as the US stays on the offensive.
5G still too costly, inflexible for private network – Tencent
News Analysis  | 
7/3/2020  |  Post a comment
Tencent GM Wang Yachen warned an online conference audience this week that 5G needs to be more cost-effective in order to compete in B2B.
KT chief warns of slow 5G adoption
News Analysis  | 
7/2/2020  |  Post a comment
KT CEO Hyeon-Mo Ku warns that slow 5G takeup means operators must switch to focusing on the enterprise.
Asia cloud slowdown 'not a positive' for economic recovery
News Analysis  | 
6/30/2020  |  Post a comment
A new report from the ACCA shows cloud adoption across Asia is slowing down, but the reason for the slump is unclear.
Nokia lands $450M 5G contract with Taiwan Mobile
News Analysis  | 
6/29/2020  |  Post a comment
Finnish vendor lands a significant 5G contract with an existing customer.
NTT takes $560M stake in NEC to forge 5G, optical alliance
News Analysis  | 
6/25/2020  |  Post a comment
The companies said in a statement that they will develop and sell 'ICT products utilizing innovative optical and wireless technologies.'
China 5G numbers soar as prices sink
News Analysis  | 
6/24/2020  |  Post a comment
Chinese telcos are slashing prices in a short-term, unsustainable effort to drive up 5G subscribers.
China edges forward on 5G private networks
News Analysis  | 
6/23/2020  |  Post a comment
Local government and industry experts in China push back against a 5G private network monopoly.
ZTE seeks another $6.8B in state bank credits
News Analysis  | 
6/22/2020  |  Post a comment
ZTE is applying for more state bank credits as it attempts to revive its business.
Indonesia 5G: Too many operators, not enough spectrum
News Analysis  | 
6/19/2020  |  Post a comment
A combination of too many operators, not enough spectrum and physical challenges have put Indonesia far behind the rest of the region in 5G.
Subsea cables following Huawei's fate
News Analysis  | 
6/18/2020  |  Post a comment
US efforts to ban Chinese subsea links will only boost regional players.
NBN nears finish line, but remains mired in controversy and red ink
News Analysis  | 
6/17/2020  |  Post a comment
Australia's NBN is close to completion but years away from profitability.
South Korean telcos face stiff fine for subsidies
News Analysis  | 
6/16/2020  |  Post a comment
Asian telcos are facing heat (and fines) for their illegal 5G subsidies and complaints about poor service.
Philippines' unlikely saviors make $5B network bet
News Analysis  | 
6/12/2020  |  Post a comment
China Telecom and businessman Dennis Uy step in to save the Philippines from its failing digital infrastructure.
Power struggle at Arm might mean giving China the elbow
News Analysis  | 
6/11/2020  |  Post a comment
Rumpus at UK chip company Arm could threaten its China business.
US vs. Huawei: Be careful what you wish for
News Analysis  | 
6/10/2020  |  Post a comment
The new sanctions leave Huawei's 5G contracts with operators up in the air, and could mean long-term harm to the US chip industry.
5G to start in Taiwan on July 1
News Analysis  | 
6/9/2020  |  Post a comment
The debut of 5G in Taiwan will set off a new round of competition in one of the world's most fiercely contested markets.
Just which 5G race are they talking about?
News Analysis  | 
6/9/2020  |  Post a comment
Don't be fooled into thinking that China is a long way ahead of the US in 5G.
HKT weighing sale of international unit PCCW Global – report
News Analysis  | 
6/4/2020  |  Post a comment
The company is in the early stages of considering a number of options, including sale.
Malaysia minister sidelines regulator with shock 5G directive
News Analysis  | 
6/2/2020  |  Post a comment
Communications and Multimedia Minister Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah has ordered the regulator to issue 700MHz spectrum to five individual operators.
The biggest 5G challenge for telcos? Learning to collaborate
News Analysis  | 
6/1/2020  |  Post a comment
For 5G to succeed, operators and telcos must learn how to forge partnerships and build new businesses across numerous verticals – something they've never done.
Singtel underlying profit down 13% as virus, competition bite
News Analysis  | 
5/28/2020  |  Post a comment
The group posted income of S$1.08 billion (US$760 million) on 5% lower revenue of S$16.54 billion ($11.66 billion).
South Korean telcos make a play for another pay-TV asset
News Analysis  | 
5/27/2020  |  Post a comment
All three South Korean telcos – SK Telecom, KT and LG Uplus – are making a play for HCN, a unit of Hyundai Department Store.
SmarTone joins Hong Kong's 5G party, promising full coverage in a year
News Analysis  | 
5/26/2020  |  Post a comment
SmarTone has unveiled its 5G service in Hong Kong, eight weeks behind competitors, claiming to offer the 'widest' indoor and outdoor coverage.
Huawei moves to guarantee chip supply
News Analysis  | 
5/25/2020  |  Post a comment
China's biggest maker of network equipment and smartphones is seeking new chip suppliers as the latest US sanctions loom.
China's 5G subs may be overstated by 40%
News Analysis  | 
5/22/2020  |  Post a comment
The huge gap between subscriber totals and number of devices sold shows that, for all the hype, China's 5G is still a game of giveaways.
China Mobile, CBN strike long-awaited network-sharing deal
News Analysis  | 
5/21/2020  |  Post a comment
New partnership with China Broadcasting Network Corporation (CBN) for joint 5G build gives China Mobile access to valuable 700MHz band.
Australian cities, states start rolling out fiber alternatives to NBN
News Analysis  | 
5/20/2020  |  Post a comment
With Australia making a poor showing in global broadband rankings, state and regional governments are beginning to deploy their own fiber networks as alternatives to the underwhelming NBN.
Huawei struggles with guidance after latest US ban
News Analysis  | 
5/19/2020  |  Post a comment
Huawei offered an incomplete Q1 picture and declined to give revenue guidance as it reels from the COVID-19 crisis and new US restrictions.
Virus-linked cell tower attacks threaten NZ services
News Analysis  | 
5/15/2020  |  Post a comment
Arsonists in New Zealand have carried out 14 attacks on cell towers in the past six weeks alone, causing damage and disruption at a time when people are relying on connectivity the most.
China's 5G fever triggers 6G delirium as experts channel Dr. Dolittle
News Analysis  | 
5/14/2020  |  Post a comment
China's 5G dominance is causing some experts to blather about the possibilities for 6G, but the country's leadership in this space is brittle.
KT profit slides 13% as it looks to B2B for growth
News Analysis  | 
5/13/2020  |  Post a comment
KT reports weak Q1 2020 results, with a 12.8% fall in net profit, a 4.7% decline in operating income and flat revenue.
COVID-19 crisis is winning consumers over to 5G, says Ericsson
News Analysis  | 
5/12/2020  |  Post a comment
Despite a retail slowdown, Ericsson says that COVID-19 has accelerated the growth of 5G and that the company will eclipse its previous target of 100 million 5G subs this year.
Building Huawei alternatives will take time, collaboration and cash
News Analysis  | 
5/8/2020  |  Post a comment
With the US rushing to create alternatives to Huawei, it's important to examine why and how the Chinese firm rose to success in the first place.
SKT reports 5G revenue boost despite virus impact
News Analysis  | 
5/7/2020  |  Post a comment
SK Telecom said 5G helped drive up Q1 revenue – despite gaining fewer subscribers than projected and seeing a 6.4% fall in overall operating income.

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