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China's Early 5G Move Doesn't Erase Huawei Doubts
News Analysis  | 
6/7/2019  |  Post a comment
An acceleration of 5G plans looks partly designed to prop up China's homegrown equipment maker, but analysts remain worried.
China Mobile Upends Broadband Market
News Analysis  | 
4/29/2019  |  2 comments
China's biggest mobile operator has triggered upheaval in the market for broadband services.
Nokia 5G Kit 3 Months Behind Schedule in South Korea – Report
News Analysis  | 
4/18/2019  |  4 comments
Nokia's kit has displayed some problems in interoperability testing and in carrying heavy traffic loads, says local press report.
Huawei Tips Carrier Kit Sales to Rebound
News Analysis  | 
4/16/2019  |  Post a comment
Chinese equipment giant forecasts double-digit growth in revenues at its carrier business this year after a slight decline in 2018.
Huawei's Hedge Against Supply Disruption Hits 2018 Cash Flow
News Analysis  | 
3/29/2019  |  Post a comment
Stockpiling of components, in the event of a US ban, tore into the Chinese vendor's operating cash flow last year, despite a bumper set of results.
Comment: What a mess - R Clark - 3/14/2019
Huawei Wages Lawfare Against US
News Analysis  | 
3/7/2019  |  Post a comment
Does Huawei know what it's getting itself into by taking the US government to court? This could be a risky move.
Small Leap Forward: BT Advances in China
News Analysis  | 
1/29/2019  |  Post a comment
The UK operator lands a small deal in China in partnership with a local firm amid a global backlash against Chinese equipment vendor Huawei.
Huawei Kicks Off 2019 With New ARM Chipset & Server
News Analysis  | 
1/7/2019  |  Post a comment
The Chinese equipment giant has announced its biggest collaboration yet with UK-based ARM as it targets growth in the cloud and data services market.
Huawei: The Signs Were There
News Analysis  | 
12/7/2018  |  1 comment
The US is ratcheting up the pressure on China with the arrest of one of its most senior technology executives.
China Mobile Takes Global Broadband Crown
News Analysis  | 
11/5/2018  |  Post a comment
The world's biggest mobile operator is now also its biggest provider of broadband services.
Huawei Goes All-In on AI but Acknowledges Telco Job Losses
News Analysis  | 
10/10/2018  |  Post a comment
Chinese equipment vendor unveils its first AI chips and warns about the impact of AI on telco jobs.
Turkcell Boss Sets Out Winning Digital Playbook
News Analysis  | 
9/5/2018  |  1 comment
Do not fear the data flood, was the message from Turkcell boss Kaan Terzioglu at Huawei's Operations Transformation Forum in Munich this week.
ZTE Back in the Game, Seeking Trust & 5G Deals
News Analysis  | 
8/28/2018  |  1 comment
But the road ahead looks steep, despite domestic support and opportunities.
Australia Excludes Huawei, ZTE From 5G Rollouts
News Analysis  | 
8/23/2018  |  2 comments
Australian government 'undermines 5G future' as it rules out Chinese vendor involvement in the country's 5G plans.
Australia Could Open 5G Door to Huawei
News Analysis  | 
8/16/2018  |  3 comments
Australia's telcos may be allowed to use Huawei's equipment after all – with caveats.
Comment: Great & awful - R Clark - 7/25/2018
KT Flies Higher With Helium Airship
News Analysis  | 
7/24/2018  |  Post a comment
South Korea's KT is building a series of autonomous helium airships that can literally spit out drones.
Blocking China Mobile: Trump Team Is Missing a Trick
Column  | 
7/3/2018  |  3 comments
Donald Trump's administration is denying China Mobile a US comms license on security grounds, but there's a much better reason to deny the giant Chinese operator access to the US market.
Huawei's Eric Xu: Automation, 5G Will Reflate Telco Margins
News Analysis  | 
6/28/2018  |  1 comment
Huawei's Eric Xu fears industry fragmentation but believes new technology will restore profitability for service providers.
Huawei Boss Slams 'Ignorant' Rubio on Research Restrictions
News Analysis  | 
6/27/2018  |  2 comments
Huawei's top executive has lashed out at US lawmakers over restrictions in the academic sphere.
Investors Unmoved by New Telstra 4-Year Plan
News Analysis  | 
6/20/2018  |  4 comments
Telstra's share price falls after the company unveils a new strategic plan and says it will slash a quarter of its workforce.
Telstra Feels the Heat
News Analysis  | 
5/31/2018  |  Post a comment
Australian incumbent squeezed as the market swiftly transforms.
Trump Tweetplomacy Could Backfire
News Analysis  | 
5/14/2018  |  Post a comment
President Trump's peacemaking move over ZTE's survival could come at a price, while ZTE appears to be in hot water elsewhere.
Embattled ZTE Files Appeal Over Export Ban
News Analysis  | 
5/9/2018  |  Post a comment
Chinese vendor says export ban will damage a large number of US companies.
Huawei, ZTE in the Eye of a Trade Storm
News Analysis  | 
4/26/2018  |  21 comments
The increasingly tough US line against Huawei and ZTE form part of the resistance to China's state-driven, quasi-protectionist industry policies.
5G Won't Solve Everything, Warns Huawei Boss
News Analysis  | 
4/17/2018  |  3 comments
Chinese vendor's chairman downplays 5G technology, saying it is not materially different from 4G.
China Mobile Confirms Aggressive 5G Standalone Plan
News Analysis  | 
3/1/2018  |  3 comments
China's biggest operator is set to begin a rollout of 5G based on standalone technology in 2020.
Comment: Bland - R Clark - 2/24/2018
Bringing Blockchain to the Roaming Market
News Analysis  | 
2/14/2018  |  1 comment
Irish-Russian startup reckons blockchain can solve roaming's core problems of cost and complexity.
Has China Really Opened Up a 5G Gap?
News Analysis  | 
2/9/2018  |  Post a comment
The notion that China has opened up a 5G gap with the US looks mistaken.
Australia Dumps Huawei From Pacific Cable Project
News Analysis  | 
1/30/2018  |  Post a comment
Citing security concerns about Huawei, Australia's government has indicated it will fund a submarine project instead.
Comment: Leaked with intent - R Clark - 1/29/2018
Chinese Telcos Deaf to Filipino President's Pitch
News Analysis  | 
1/10/2018  |  Post a comment
Chinese operators may have good reasons for steering clear of the Filipino market.
Australia's NBN Seeks More Govt Cash to Cover Loss-Making Rollout
News Analysis  | 
10/25/2017  |  Post a comment
Australia's NBN has come under attack from the country's prime minister as it struggles to make a return.
Cloud Can Deliver a Broadband Boost, Says Huawei
News Analysis  | 
10/25/2017  |  1 comment
Cloud-based services can help to improve the broadband experience for consumers, says Huawei.
Penn Paints Portrait of Telstra Transformation
News Analysis  | 
9/22/2017  |  Post a comment
Telstra's CEO is bringing all of his skills to bear in guiding the Australian telco through its digital transformation.
Huawei Intros SDN/NFV Testing-as-a-Service
News Analysis  | 
9/19/2017  |  Post a comment
The testing environment has become more complex and burdensome with the introduction of virtualization, so Huawei has developed a testing-as-a-service (TaaS) offer called TestCraft to pitch to operators.
Huawei Sees World of Global Cloud Alliances
News Analysis  | 
9/5/2017  |  5 comments
Chinese vendor aims to become a major global cloud player through tie-ups with service providers like Germany's Deutsche Telekom.
PCCW Sells $110M Stake in Its OTT Unit
News Analysis  | 
8/11/2017  |  Post a comment
The video and music streaming service unit of Hong Kong giant PCCW is taking on some notable new investors that will jointly own a minority stake.
Hutchison Offloads Fixed-Line Unit for $1.9B
News Analysis  | 
7/31/2017  |  Post a comment
Hong Kong operator says the sale of the fixed-line business will allow it to focus on mobile.
Huawei at Center of Pacific Cable Spat
News Analysis  | 
7/27/2017  |  Post a comment
Australian government threatens to veto subsea cable over Huawei role.
KDDI Finds New Groove With Non-Telco Services
News Analysis  | 
6/29/2017  |  1 comment
The Japanese operator is enjoying success outside the connectivity realm.
Soft Loans, Trade Hardball: ZTE Seeks $11B in Credit Finance
News Analysis  | 
6/26/2017  |  Post a comment
A financing move by China's ZTE has resurrected the issue of unfair state support for the country's telecom giants.
Ownership Reform Won't Save Unicom
News Analysis  | 
6/1/2017  |  1 comment
A scheme to revitalize China's weakest telecom operator seems unlikely to succeed.
PCCW's Viu TV Racking Up the Numbers
News Analysis  | 
4/13/2017  |  Post a comment
PCCW is enjoying success with its recently launched Viu TV service.
Hutchison Expects 5G in Hong Kong by 2020
News Analysis  | 
4/10/2017  |  1 comment
Hong Kong operator aims to stay in the vanguard of next-generation mobile network activity.
Mobile Industry Spies Opportunity in Drones
News Analysis  | 
4/6/2017  |  Post a comment
The mobile industry's ambitions are taking flight with unmanned aerial vehicles.
Comment: Re: BRILLIANT - R Clark - 3/30/2017
Comment: War is peace - R Clark - 3/30/2017
Comment: Re: BRILLIANT - R Clark - 3/28/2017
Unlocking China's $194B Telecom Market
News Analysis  | 
3/27/2017  |  9 comments
It is time to tear down China's telecom wall.
Comment: A big deal - R Clark - 3/14/2017
HK Operators Slam Regulator Over 5G Spectrum Plans
News Analysis  | 
2/17/2017  |  Post a comment
Hong Kong's operators are worried they'll get left behind if the government sticks to its current spectrum allocation timetable.
Comment: Re: Google Wireless? - R Clark - 2/8/2017
Comment: Re: Google Wireless? - R Clark - 2/7/2017
China Testing Private Funding Models for Telecom
News Analysis  | 
1/31/2017  |  Post a comment
Chinese authorities are promoting new ownership models to raise capital.
Another Bumper Year: Huawei Sales Soar 32% to $74.8B
News Analysis  | 
12/30/2016  |  11 comments
Huawei expects to report revenues of 520 billion yuan, a 32% year-on-year increase, for the full year 2016.
ZTE Burnishes Regional Portfolio With $101M Netaş Stake
News Analysis  | 
12/8/2016  |  Post a comment
ZTE's latest acquisition could help it to expand in Turkey and its neighboring markets.
Comment: Re: APAC cloud - R Clark - 11/29/2016
Comment: Re: APAC cloud - R Clark - 11/29/2016
Megaport Takes Aim at Direct Connect Market
News Analysis  | 
11/29/2016  |  3 comments
An Australian company is looking to challenge AWS in the market for cloud networking.
Comment: Re: Massive MIMO in LTE - R Clark - 11/28/2016
Massive MIMO Key to 5G, Says SoftBank
News Analysis  | 
11/28/2016  |  4 comments
Japan's SoftBank is putting Massive MIMO technology at the heart of its 5G plans.
Comment: Re: It's the cloud - R Clark - 11/9/2016
Comment: It's the cloud - R Clark - 11/9/2016
Comment: Re: Why not both? - R Clark - 11/7/2016
It's Showtime for OPEN-O
News Analysis  | 
11/3/2016  |  Post a comment
Next week will see the release of the first OPEN-O implementation.
Software or Hardware: China Telcos Tell Huawei to Decide
News Analysis  | 
11/3/2016  |  6 comments
China's biggest operators have told Huawei it faces a stark choice about its future focus.
The OTT Firms Rule Under the Waves
News Analysis  | 
10/28/2016  |  3 comments
Internet giants are becoming increasingly dominant in the subsea capacity business.
Comment: Avoid questions - R Clark - 10/27/2016
PCCW Weathers Censorship Storm
News Analysis  | 
10/21/2016  |  Post a comment
PCCW hit by censorship flap at home as media business finds offshore growth.
Comba Rides Virtualization Wave to the Edge
News Analysis  | 
10/14/2016  |  1 comment
A Hong Kong antenna specialist is making waves in the field of mobile edge computing.
Cloud Drives Blue-Skies Thinking
News Analysis  | 
9/14/2016  |  Post a comment
Digital technologies are driving business transformation in every sector of the economy.
Comment: Re: Really a stretch - R Clark - 9/11/2016
Huawei Goes After Operator & Enterprise With Unified Controller
News Analysis  | 
9/5/2016  |  3 comments
Huawei unveils new products to help operators take advantage of on-demand opportunities.
Comment: Re: Zero sum game? - R Clark - 9/4/2016
Huawei Bets on Massive Shift to Cloud
News Analysis  | 
9/1/2016  |  12 comments
The Chinese equipment vendor reckons dozens of vertical markets are on the cusp of embracing cloud technology.
Huawei Pushes Back $10B Enterprise Target to 2018
News Analysis  | 
9/1/2016  |  2 comments
The Chinese equipment behemoth will take a year longer than originally planned to make $10 billion from enterprise sales, a leading executive has revealed.
SKT Gets Deeper Into IoT Game
News Analysis  | 
8/31/2016  |  8 comments
South Korea's biggest operator is now offering IoT services at a fraction of the price it was previously charging.
Comment: Good for telecom - R Clark - 8/29/2016
Comment: Re: Up for grabs... - R Clark - 8/17/2016
China-EU Telecom Compact Stalls
News Analysis  | 
8/10/2016  |  2 comments
A deal that would have given the EU better access to Chinese markets appears to have run aground.
Telstra COO Exits After Spate of Network Crashes
News Analysis  | 
7/28/2016  |  Post a comment
Under-investment may be to blame for a spate of network problems at Telstra.
Singapore Preps for a Fourth Mobile Player
News Analysis  | 
7/18/2016  |  Post a comment
Singapore is making preparations for the entry of a fourth operator in a bid to spark investment and innovation.
Singapore Startup Eyes 'Telco Salesforce' Role
News Analysis  | 
7/5/2016  |  Post a comment
MyRepublic has taken advantage of new digital technologies to improve its back-office systems – and the effort is paying off.
China Mobile Stamps Intentions on 5G
News Analysis  | 
6/30/2016  |  2 comments
China's biggest mobile operator has announced details of its 5G plans at this week's MWCS event in Shanghai.
The Next Killer Data Device: The PC?
News Analysis  | 
6/13/2016  |  Post a comment
Endless Computing is building an emerging-markets business model around sales of a very old-school device.
Fraudsters Cash In on China's Fake Basestations
News Analysis  | 
5/13/2016  |  Post a comment
Fake mobile basestations are enabling fraudulent activities in China.
Huawei's Carrier/Enterprise Sales Could Hit $80B by 2020
News Analysis  | 
4/11/2016  |  2 comments
At the company's Global Analyst Summit, Huawei predicts further eye-watering growth for its Carrier Business Group -- and that spells bad news for its main rivals.
Comment: Re: Blinky eye emoji - R Clark - 4/4/2016

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