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Omdia's Pablo Tomasi: A cautionary tale about private 5G networks

Omdia Principal Analyst Pablo Tomasi returns to the podcast with an update on the industry's progress in deploying private 5G networks. He explains why there's a land grab for logos and how the rush to identify partners in this space could present new challenges in the future.

"You need to ensure your long-term view and the long-term view of your partners is well aligned," Tomasi says. "At the moment, everyone wants an ecosystem and as many partners as they can get, and that could present a bit of a challenge going forward."

In addition, Tomasi shares where service providers and enterprises are finding success in the private network market, and why Verizon chose to partner with private-wireless startup Celona as part of its private network strategy.

Here are just a few things covered in this podcast episode:

  • Changes to the competitive landscape for private 5G networks (01:25)
  • Identifying experts and partners in a crowded market (03:21)
  • Setting realistic expectations for private networks (08:15)
  • Service provider case studies for success in the market (11:10)
  • Most successful verticals deploying private networks so far (14:23)
  • Replicating private network deployments (18:30)

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— Kelsey Kusterer Ziser, Senior Editor, Light Reading

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