Prince & Pizza Toppings

10:30 AM -- Market research meets purple prose.

Here's a list of questions Prince mailed to his fan club members on Monday. The spelling mistakes are intentional, I guess:
  • If Prince decided 2 give up music and become a waiter, would u go 2 his job and heckle him?
  • What do u put on ur pizza?
  • Is milk really just cow mucous? (a fair question)
  • Favorite unreleased Prince track?
  • Did u know WB can only release one more "greatest hits" package and then it's finally OVER? Will u buy it or just play ur old copies?
  • Has anybody in the club ever met a record xecutive in person? Ever seen one of them dance?
  • Where do u hear new music most?
  • How often do u buy music?
  • Will u ever give up CDs completely and just go 100% online 4 all ur music needs?
  • 1st music U ever purchased was:
  • Last music U purchased was:
  • Is download piracy in the news merely a smokescreen 2 actually teach people how 2 do it. ( IE: The I-Pod ) :) Leading a horse 2 greener pasture perhaps?
  • Have u made any new friends in the club since joining?
  • Can art and business ever truly coexist in harmony?

Does he really want to know what you put on your pizza?

— Phil Harvey, Cow Mucus Editor, Light Reading

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