'Prime Minister's Bride'

2:30 PM -- Even prime ministers get lonely sometimes, Reuters reports:

    A Finnish court on Wednesday dismissed charges against the prime minister's former girlfriend, who wrote a kiss and tell autobiography about their brief affair.

    Susan Ruusunen's book, "Prime Minister's Bride," detailed the nine month fling she had with Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen in 2006 after meeting him on an Internet dating site.

Really? A prime minister has to use eHarmony to get a date? Are there no interns in Finland?

    Vanhanen initially filed a complaint only against the publisher of the book, and prosecutors then brought criminal charges against both the publisher and Ruusunen, a mother of three, for violation of privacy and gaining financial gain through criminal activity.

"Gaining financial gain"? Is that like making moneymaking?

    After Vanhanen dumped her by text message, Ruusunen poured her heart out to local media about the way she was treated.

Ah, a national leader with the emotional maturity of a 13-year-old. Why does this seem familiar?

Still the last paragraph of this story may provide Ruusunen with some closure, as it could explain Vanhanen's motivation in dumping her: Why date an ordinary woman when you can apparently have this silver fox?

    Vanhanen, a divorced father of two, was hailed as Finland's sexiest man by French President Jacques Chirac in 2006.

Finland's sexiest man... Is there a lot of fierce competition for that title? Then again, he does have kind of a young Ryan O'Neal thing going on...

— Red (Rakastunut) Panda, Light Reading

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