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Powell? Puh-leeze

1:30 PM -- Here's some news and notes from my livingroom, since I'm telecommuting this morning:

Sonus schools Cisco
Nothing can screw up service provider media delivery faster than a bunch of stupid router hops. Since it bought WebEx, Cisco, the routing king, may realize that – and get a peak at how Sonus switching eliminates some of those problems. That's Michael Harris's take on it, anyway. Read more here: Cisco's WebExcess.

Welcome back, Mr. Milquetoast
Shame on Cisco for giving former FCC Chairman Michael Powell a cozy seat at its board table. (See Cisco Adds to Board.) Yes, Powell was good to keep the government's hands off VOIP, but his obsession with broadcast indecency and lack of scrutiny for big media mergers helped pave the way for what we all enjoy now: bland, intolerable terrestrial radio and primetime TV that's so boring and formulaic that one of the only things that prospers is a goddamn show about MATH! To have Mr. Milquetoast -- whose public speaking fee is north of $20,000 -- involved in any way with the company building next-gen IP networks is troubling. This guy is no fan of video entertainment. Boooo!

Some Cogent remarks
Cogent Communications Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: CCOI) CEO Dave Schaeffer is one the stars of a new Cisco commer... I mean, technology spotlight on LRTV: Ethernet-Enabled DWDM. He says that having a cooperative relationship with vendors like Cisco is key for product development and making your networks future-proof. And, I'm guessing, it doesn't hurt when they fund the crap out of you, either.

Prison fake
Want an idea of how squeaky clean Cisco is? Other companies have to worry about their executives going to jail. Cisco, on the other hand, is sponsoring a contest called "Break Into Alcatraz". Click here. Cisco employees aren't eligible.

Do you like to watch? Tell me about it.

— Tasman Jasmine, Cisco Watcher, Light Reading

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