Poll Takers Bash 3G Triple-Play

Third-generation technologies such as CDMA 1xEV-DO and UMTS may be driving industry growth at present but such standards are not good enough for the provision of future wireless triple-play services (voice, video, and data), according to the majority of folks taking Unstrung’s February poll.

Of the 160-plus votes to date, only 25 percent of respondents reckon “CDMA 1xEV-DO and beyond” and “UMTS and its high-speed extensions” are likely to drive wireless triple-play services for the next five years (11 percent and 14 percent respectively).

Instead, it’s emerging alternative wireless standards such as WiMax (29 percent) and “Flarion or some other proprietary technology” (31 percent) that are deemed capable of delivering the 2-Mbit/s download speed required by the masses.

Respondents have also been quick to flag Asia and Europe as the markets most likely to use wireless technologies to enable triple-play services (44 percent and 37 percent respectively), whilst North America trails with only 16 percent of the vote so far.

Just don’t look to the Middle East as a potential market driver. The region scores a big fat zero percent of the vote at present, behind the tiny Republic of Vanuatu, part of the chain of Melanesian islands lying to the north-east of Australia.

The Unstrung poll, “Wireless Triple Play,” will be open for more votes until March 1. Proffer your opinion here.

— Justin Springham, Senior Editor, Europe, Unstrung

freetoair 12/5/2012 | 3:25:56 AM
re: Poll Takers Bash 3G Triple-Play what video codec / algorithm makes 2mbps viable for real-time video?
freetoair 12/5/2012 | 3:25:56 AM
re: Poll Takers Bash 3G Triple-Play people are smoking something if they believe WiMAX (or Flarion) in thier current forms are suitable or able to provide any viable "3-play services"
lrmobile_boondocksbandit 12/5/2012 | 3:25:48 AM
re: Poll Takers Bash 3G Triple-Play why not? surely wimax/flarion provides the wireless service add-on to many wired service providers? am i missing something?
redjac 12/5/2012 | 3:25:17 AM
re: Poll Takers Bash 3G Triple-Play MPEG4Part10 can do it with bandwidth to spare.
Lots of processor horse power required however.
freetoair 12/5/2012 | 3:25:16 AM
re: Poll Takers Bash 3G Triple-Play Lots of horsepower to say the least...and even with H.264 part 10 ACE profiles getting to 2Mbps is a challenge. Who has this available now for instance?

Furthermore what is the cell/sector capacity available from various vendors to support 2Mbps (or more like 4Mbps with p10 ACE) for any reasonable traffic/capacity #s? Look at the economic model with the cost of a high horsepower STB for MPEG4 ACE and a cell capacity of 25 subs (or even 100 subs)...
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