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Poll: Open Up the Air!

Unstrung readers see overcrowding of unlicensed spectrum as a growing problem, and a majority favors opening up more bandwidth, according to our May poll (see Unlicensed Spectrum ).

Some 47 percent of the 127 respondents to the poll worry that "with dense deployments of [WiFi] hotspots and enterprise and residential networks" the 2.4GHz band will become overcrowded (see WLAN: Future Imperfect?). And even if its not a problem now, 32 percent see radio resources as a concern for the future.

A 68 percent majority favor opening up more public spectrum to help solve the problem, as that "will spark innovation and economic advance."

But after the regulators have opened up the floodgates, many of you want them to get the hell out of the way: 47 percent say they don't want tighter government control over spectrum usage. On the other hand, a sizeable minority (30 percent) do favor "'licensing-lite' regimes with centralized registrars to keep tabs on who's doing what, where."

And our poll takers split fairly evenly over how vendors can deal with interference issues in the public bands: 43 percent are looking for a technical solution from so-called "smart radios," which promise to "figure out when, and in what frequency, to send and receive." Meanwhile, 42 percent say "collaboration among vendors and standards groups to develop mechanisms that reduce the potential for interference" is the answer [ed. note: probably the same folks that think the problem is way off in the future, heh, heh, heh].

This month's poll is all about major eye strain, er... the future of mobile TV. So why not channel surf over to Mobile TV: Switched On?. It's just a click away!

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

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