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2:00 PM -- Years ago, a colleague remarked to me that video game controllers should be the interface to the PC.

It was a good point. Look how quickly kids learn to navigate PlayStation. Compare that with the files and folders of Windows. Or even with the Mac -- it tries to be intuitive, but I have trouble navigating all the hieroglyphics of OS X.

I was reminded of all this watching the Sony keynote yesterday at the Game Developers Conference. (See Sony Hits Home.) The guys who created that Little Big Planet game were showing how quickly a level can be built, just clicking through menus with the PS3 controller. Sure, they've gotten fast from doing this so much, but you could see the things they were doing weren't that complicated. It's hard to think a keyboard-and-mouse interface could do the same tasks so fluidly.

The Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) iPhone could be another example, and of course you've got the Nintendo of America Inc. Wii with its motion-sensor interface. I can't see the personal computer winning this arms race. Instead, simpler devices will start absorbing the things people used to do on a computer.

— Craig Matsumoto, West Coast Editor, Light Reading

somedumbPM 12/5/2012 | 3:12:48 PM
re: Point & Click and the best ones interface with home PCs.

True the interfaces are getting more user-friendly or in some cases "stupid-friendly" but the backend is all 1 and 0s just as it has always been.

I have been using VOIP on PCs for almost 10 years now - worked pretty good over dial-up too. I now have 2 VOIP phones on my desk (2 manufactures going to 2 different PBXs) with no useful new features over my analog other than an excuse for not answering - "Sorry I did not get a ring I have VOIP" & I also have "Sorry the call dropped I have VOIP".

Also more "stupid-friendly" = less security. There should be a test people have to pass before they are allowed some of the technology for their own good. As I heard a comedian say, last I checked there was no cure for stupid and no one was working on one. Sorry Paris Hilton......

Don;t believe anyone in Marketing ever, ever, ever - talk to an engineer. I am still waiting for my video conference VOIP phone that Cisco has shown on commercials for years - which I have also done on PCs for years. Oh ya have you been able to zoom in on certain sports plays using your cell phone since the Super Bowl....
Pete Baldwin 12/5/2012 | 3:12:47 PM
re: Point & Click Yes, they are. That was part of my point. Video game interfaces have outdone the PC and even the Mac in terms of user interface.

Using "computer" in the colloquial sense (meaning a desktop or laptop, basically), it could soon be that your primary "computer" might not be the computer.

>Don;t believe anyone in Marketing ever, ever, ever - talk to an engineer

Point taken, but I'm basing my observations on stuff that's been out there for years.

>Also more "stupid-friendly" = less security.

ooh. Don't let the Mac crowd hear you say that.
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