Piggy Must Die

11:35 AM -- Good news for Americans in these troubled times: Our home-grown "Reality" television has yet to plumb the depths of depraved cynicism achieved by our cousins across the Pond. This from Australia's Daily Telegraph:

    A British reality television program to be filmed in Australia this winter will force fat children to hunt for food with Aborigines.

    Fat Kids Can't Hunt 10 fat youngsters will live with Aboriginal tribesmen in Australia for a month.

    If the children want to eat, they must follow the strict rules of the Aborigines, eating plants, grasses and fruits as well as trapping, killing and cooking any animals or insects they find.

    If they do not eat the bush tucker, they go hungry... Producer Bridget Sneyd told the Sun: “Britain has the fattest teenagers in Europe with one in three overweight or obese..."
Her rectum continued:

    “This experiment gives our teenagers a unique opportunity to address their dysfunctional relationship with food once and for all before they reach adulthood.”
I've got a better idea for a show: Fat Kids Hunt Bridget.

— Larry, Attack Monkey, Light Reading

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