Physician: "F*** Thyself"

6:00 PM -- The disembodied voice that gave Dick Cheney a taste of his own medicine Thursday (see [Expletive Deleted]) turns out to belong to Dr. Ben Marble, an emergency room physician, organizer of breast cancer fundraisers, and semipro alt-rock musician.

He's also a master of understatement: His website about the destruction of his neighborhood and his close encounter with the most powerful man in the world is called HurricaneKatrinaSucked.com.

To recap briefly: Dr. Marble rendered Red Panda green with envy the other day by heckling the Vice President of the United States – something this writer (and millions, if not billions, of others) has done only in daydreams.

Naturally, Marble was then detained by military police. They no doubt wanted to make sure he wasn't carrying instructions from Osama... say, to wage jihad on America by repeated use of the F-word on live TV. (This tale was first told by the not-entirely-objective OpEdNews.com.)

The good doctor is currently attempting to raise some cash for his personal hurricane relief by selling his own video of the incident on eBay. Unfortunately, eBay has removed the auction, not once, but twice.

Why, you ask? Good question.

— Red Panda, Aspiring Heckler, Light Reading

dljvjbsl 12/5/2012 | 3:02:26 AM
re: Physician: "F*** Thyself" I suppose that this just about sums up the current level of political debate.

The eloquence of Churchill pales beside someone who can scream schoolyard invectives.
whyiswhy 12/5/2012 | 3:02:25 AM
re: Physician: "F*** Thyself" His veepiness clearly understood the meaning of the follow-up question / remark by the reporter.

Speaking of the current level of political debate, in the good old days of the South, white Republican carpet baggers got carried out of town on a rail, after a shower of tar and feathers.

More than a Black Republicans did some high-step dancing for the devil in the pale moonlight.

I think we can safely say we have come quite aways. Politicians need more verbal feedback, not less.

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