Phones Are Evil

9:00 AM -- Canada’s CBC News reports on the true cause of evil in the world:

    SaskTel is being urged to remove pay phones from an inner city neighbourhood in Regina amid accusations that they're facilitating drug dealing and prostitution.

That’s the least of it! Hasn’t anyone seen the movie Phone Booth with Colin Farrell? Frightening...

    Glen Trafford, who represents the Core Community Association, said he believes the most effective single change to improve the area would be to get rid of these phones.

    Trafford added the association doesn't want to cut off people who don't have phones at home.

But... You're going to anyway, right?

    "But we believe six phones on a single corner only leads to trouble," he said.

Well then... Why stop with pay phones? I say if we eliminate phones altogether we could have an essentially crimeless society. All in favor of reverting to carrier pigeons say "aye!"

— Red "Aye!" Panda, Light Reading

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