Phil's Picks

3:05 PM -- Today we get two strikes against all productivity, as it's both St. Patrick's Day and Bracket Monday, for those of you who keep up with big time gambl, I mean, college athletics.

Click here for a PDF of my totally predictable picks for the NCAA championship.

No, I haven't watched every game of every team I've picked. But my sports page has been bathed in powder blue enough times this year for me to figure out that N.C. is having an incredible year. And no one seems to be complaining about that.

Look, N.C.'s got more future pros. Duke's got more smart guys who will never see the inside of an NBA locker room. And UCLA's got a good chance of just mopping the floor with both of them, if their defense holds up and the weather doesn't become a factor.

Yes, that last line was a joke. I realized I was wandering off into generic sports talk and had to break out of it somehow.

Anyway, those are my picks. Let me know how I do against your office pool.

— Phil Harvey, Editor, Light Reading

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