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Persona Turns Control Freak

Startup Persona Software Inc., formerly known as LongBoard, is hoping to solve a great paradox at the heart of the industry's drive towards the convergence of fixed and mobile networks.

One of the key tenets of fixed/mobile convergence (FMC) is that -- one day -- you'll finally be able have one number that you can be reached on any time of the day or night, wherever you happen to be in the world. Vendors, of course, want to add to FMC services the ability to control exactly who can call you, depending on what time it is, and where you happen to be.

That's where Persona sees it can make a difference. The firm wants to branch out with SIP-based applications aimed at the user of FMC services. The first of these is code-named "Persona MyChoice," and one of its functions is call control.

Persona's VP of marketing, Rob Fuggetta, gives the example of a New York salesman who is traveling in Europe. He doesn't want to get called in the middle of the night by someone at headquarters who is unaware that he's traveling in a different timezone. So, he can set up the system to ensure that only important calls are routed to him at all times, such as those from his wife and his boss.

"You could also choose to block your boss," Fuggetta adds. [Ed. note: that's the ticket!]

FMC is going to be all about this level of control, according to Persona. "This is Tivo for the mobility experience," exclaims Fuggetta.

Persona's bread and butter, in the meantime, is selling its SIP-based OnePhone application. This manages the handoff between wireless LAN networks and cellular networks by monitoring the relative signal strength of each network and sending this information back to an application server (see The Convergence Contenders).

Persona MyChoice, however, is in the works and coming soon. And Persona also says it will announce that a large European carrier is using the application very soon.

But they wouldn't name any names, the spoilsports.

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

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