Pearl Jam Rocks Its CDN

5:15 PM -- Today's news from Contentinople should last you until Monday:

  • Yeehaw! It's the CDN Roundup:

    • With Internap's content delivery network, Pearl Jam is releasing its downloadable bootlegs. The surprisingly long-lived group is trying to cash in on the concert-recording phenomenon by offering professional-sounding tracks online. They are banking on fans' willingness to pay for a higher-quality version of something they can already get for free.
    • Mochi Media, the ad-embedding video game innovator, goes with Panther Express for its CDN services.
    • Akamai touts the strength of its site acceleration service.

  • Yahoo has its first Microsoft-free headline in over a month, now joined by the other tech biggie, Google. The flailing firm woos its toughest search competitor seeking a -- what else? -- partnership in search.

  • Why do we love Apple? (Here's a hint: It's not because they outfit our offices.) They have consistently innovated on products and returned from what looked like corporate near-death. Take a trip down memory lane, starting with the iMac.

And in News Bits: MySpace finally redesigns, particularly its video player, branding its redesign "MySpace 2.0," catching the tail end of that wave.

— The Staff, Contentinople

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