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Zyxel’s WiFi 6 Portfolio Opens Service Opportunities for Providers

The increase in connected devices and people working from home is placing serious strains on WiFi networks. As consumers become more reliant on their WiFi connections, they need networks that can handle the increasing demand. Communications Service Providers (CSPs) can help them meet this need by delivering and managing WiFi 6 solutions designed to boost speed and bandwidth.

As of 2020, according to research by Deloitte, the average U.S. household had 25 connected devices. Those include smartphones, laptops, voice-activated speakers, smart TVs, connected exercise machines and fitness trackers. As connected household devices multiply, more people have been working from home. And this means WiFi networks are handling connections to corporate networks for remote meetings, video streaming and collaboration tools.

Whether trying to work or watch Ultra HD programming, users need reliable WiFi technology that allows them to accomplish tasks without the hassle of hiccups and poor connections. WiFi 6 solutions boost bandwidth and speed, allowing consumers to run all their devices and applications without spotty coverage and latency issues.

For CSPs, these solutions spell opportunity. It gives providers a chance to address their customers’ urgent capacity needs while creating new service revenue streams for themselves.

Zyxel’s Service Opportunities

Zyxel offers a portfolio of WiFi 6 solutions that CSPs can leverage to win new business and cultivate long-term service relationships. Zyxel’s WiFi 6 gateways and extender make it possible to increase the number of devices on a WiFI network without degrading streaming and other services.

Zyxel’s family of Wifi 6 solutions offer Mesh capabilities and remote management functionality, which providers can leverage to build service offerings. Zyxel’s partnership with SaaS provider Plume gives CSPs another option to deliver remote services.

The Zyxel WiFi 6 portfolio consists of the following:

  • Zyxel EX5510-B Dual-Band Wireless AX6000 Gigabit Ethernet Gateway supports dual-band wireless AX with 2.5 Ethernet access for the ultra-connected home. The gateway is designed to maximize network capacity for more devices by boosting average throughputs, reducing latency and increasing network efficiency.
  • Zyxel EX3510-B0 AX5700 WiFi 6 Gigabit Ethernet Gateway supports dual-band wireless technology and offers throughputs of up to 5700 Mbps. As such, according to Zyxel, it enables a “true IoT lifestyle” with support for UHD 4K/8K and hybrid high-throughput applications.
  • Zyxel WX3310-B0 Dual-Band Wireless AX Gigabit Access Point/Extender delivers carrier-grade performance and whole-home WiFi coverage for Ultra HD, IPTV streaming and seamless roaming.

Zyxek’s WiFi 6 portfolio complies with EasyMesh standards. The company says its WiFi-6 powered MPro Mesh Intelligent WiFi platform provides customers with hardware, software and a mobile app to access WiFi services “on all devices anywhere they live, work, or play. With easy setup, seamless roaming, and network self optimization, you can effortlessly optimize subscribers’ WiFi experience.”

The Zyxel solutions support TR-69/TR 181 remote management protocols, allowing providers to deliver remote services such as configuration, software upgrades, diagnostics, and ongoing routine management.

Being able to perform these functions remotely means that providers don’t need to visit customer sites every time an update or troubleshooting is needed. As such, providers can realize significant operational savings by minimizing truck rolls. Remote services also enhance the customer experience, which leads to brand loyalty and long-term engagements.

Zyxel’s Plume Partnership

For remote service delivery, providers have another option besides Zyxel's MPro Mesh platform. Thanks to a partnership with Plume, service providers working with Zyxel now have access to Plume’s integrated platforms – HomePass Smart Home Suite and Haystack Data Prediction and Analytics Suite.

Plume, which introduced the world's first SaaS experience platform for CSPs, offers home subscribers a service suite that includes connectivity, complete network control, personalization, security and customization.

Having a choice between Zyxel’s MPro Mesh and Plume’s integrated platform translates to deployment flexibility for service providers. It also gives them options to build a tiered service offering that simplifies logistics and maintenance, thereby reducing the costs of service delivery.

As Brian Feng, Senior Vice President of Zyxel Communications, said when Zyxel and Plume announced their partnership, the combination of Zyxel’s WiFi 6 solutions with Plume’s platform solves the challenges that providers face “in offering personalized, premium services to subscribers while maintaining granular visibility and control across their networks and services to deliver consistently, high-performing experience.”


As the world becomes a more digitized place, households need robust, reliable WiFi connections, both for work and leisure. Service providers can help customers meet these needs by leveraging Zyxel’s WiFi 6 gateway-extender system with dual-operational capability.

Zyxel’s solution gives “service providers unprecedented versatility in network management and delivery of enhanced WiFi,” creating an opportunity for them to build a profitable service offering and build a customer loyal base, the company says.

To learn more about Zyxel's WiFi 6 solutions, email them at [email protected] or visit Walker for more information.

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