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SlideshowThe Benefits 5G Will Bring to Higher Education

kdiei123 9/18/2019 | 5:51:09 AM
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Joshuasurber 10/11/2019 | 9:28:45 AM
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brielleluna 10/17/2019 | 11:35:11 AM
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gracehudditon 1/16/2020 | 5:57:27 AM
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JaneAir29 1/23/2020 | 12:09:03 PM
sandraffrey 1/27/2020 | 6:56:54 AM
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Outdoor Light Lubbock 3/14/2020 | 9:53:18 PM
Benefits of embracing technology It's always important to understand when to embrance certain technologies and 5G is certainly one that is on the forefront of everyone's mind.  Even in something as simple as outdoor lighting a strong internet connection can be paramount to get the system to integrate right with automation.  5G is leading the charge here and will in other fields such as education, finance and personal use.

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