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Omdia: Huawei ONT Market Share Highest for About 10 Years

As gigabit fiber broadband, social networking, 4K/8K video, and VR services mature, home fiber broadband gateways (ONTs) have become the door to premium home broadband and service experience. Recently, Omdia, a world-renowned consulting firm, released, Market Share Report: 3Q19 3Q19 FTTx PON, DSL + Gfast, and CMTS + CCAP (client access required), for fixed broadband access products in the third quarter of 2019. According to the report, the global market share of Huawei ONT/ONUs was 35% from the fourth quarter of 2018 to the third quarter of 2019 (rolling by four quarters), ranking first for seven consecutive years (from 2013 to 2019).

This report covers the global market share of broadband access devices, including ONTs, ONUs, and OLTs that support GPON, EPON, XG, and XGS PON. The fiber broadband industry has entered a new generation driven by the large-scale construction of global fiber broadband networks and the emergence of intelligent connections. For example, 10G PON fiber broadband networks have been deployed on a large scale, while Wi-Fi 6 and AI lead the way for next-generation ONTs.

Broadband and Wi-Fi are the engine for social networking, online education, cloud gaming, telemedicine, and Cloud VR. Wi-Fi 6 greatly improves the throughput, coverage, and overall performance of networks, building on its predecessor Wi-Fi 5. AI-based traffic identification makes intelligent acceleration of broadband services possible. AI and Wi-Fi 6 enable operators to offer better broadband and services to home users in various scenarios. This not only strengthens operators' brands among home broadband users, but also helps operators shift from bandwidth operation to experience operation and achieve greater success in-home broadband.

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