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Next Stop in Digital Transformation: Data Intelligence

Now, more than ever, is the right time when science fiction becomes science fact. Cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) have been frequently heard every now and then. As these emerging technologies evolve, traditional industries will usher changes for business structure, organizational structure, development concepts and business models. Data intelligence will eventually become the next stop of digital transformation.

Unlock massive data value to drive industrial scenario based applications

The current digital transformation is moving up from business digitalization to data-driven business monetization in an upward spiral. Business digitalization is mainly about collecting data and extracting valuable information from business processes, while data-driven business monetization captures business value by leveraging powerful and sophisticated technologies such as AI to gain deep insights.

Today, huge amount of data from numerous sensors and IoT networks can be easily collected and stored. Whale Cloud sees data as a critical asset that paves the way for our digital business. We conduct effective analytics of the collected data and generate industrial applications based on actual business scenarios to reap digital benefits.

Empowerment for win-win benefits

Empowerment” has been a buzzword for long time, which means the granting of power, right, or authority to perform various acts or duties with transfer of skills or knowledge from one party to another. Whale Cloud is willing to share customers our approaches and thrive with customers for positive outcomes that can benefit customers, and even whole industries.

Our empowerment approaches – including concepts, practices and digital toolkits, as well as detailed planning – are designed to remove barriers for industrial customers to acquire data intelligence capabilities, and empower them to focus on the business value without concerns on intelligence platform.

Whale Cloud has gained data intelligence expertise from various industries and specialties. Industrial customers can leverage the expertise to grow their business rather than developing skills from scratch. We aggregate and categorize data by industries and business scenarios to create a comprehensive data asset system. The insight provided by the system can be transferred to corresponding applications.

Leading intelligent transformation with digital capabilities

With the strategic partnership with Alibaba Group, Whale Cloud has built a clear vision and mission to thrive in the digital wave. We are ready to make a deep dive, from Technologies to Industries. We have seen the growing demands of Cloud, IoT, AI technologies, and have witnessed the digital impacts on vertical markets such as government, transportation, banking, etc.

Whale Cloud takes Data Intelligence Platform as core competency to empower partners. Based on a cloud-native robust architecture, the platform is flexible enough to enable customers to integrate 3rd party’s AI capabilities – such as computer vision, natural language processing, etc. Customers will be able to build their own capabilities in specific industries. Nowadays, we have made achievements in telecom, transportation, utility and IIoT industries.

Whale Cloud is more than just providing products and delivering services, but also providing business consulting services with the toolkit that drives the transformation. We have gained best practices of global telecom providers, technology companies and advisory firms, and created our own thought leadership and digital capabilities to provide a practical guide for our customers. We’re improving the Digital Telco Maturity Map (DTMM) to a new level, together with Standard Operating Processes (SOP) and Digitalization Metrics in the year ahead.

Network connection has become an important infrastructure of the connected society over the decade, and our ambition is to turn Data Intelligence as an infrastructure in the next ten years. Whale Cloud is ready to stay tuned with customers and industries, ride the digital wave with you in the 5G era, and make digital transformation ASAP (As Simple As Possible).

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— Ben Zhou, CEO & President, Whale Cloud International

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