Palm Memory Pre

1:30 PM -- The new Palm Inc. Pre phone could support far more onboard processor memory than rivals like the iPhone and the G1 Android, which could lead to better video and browsing performance for the new phone.

Bob Faulkner brought out this small but interesting detail in his new smartphone column on Unstrung (See Battle of the Smartphones.) The new device runs on the new-ish Texas Instruments Inc. (NYSE: TXN) OMAP3 chipset, which is capable of supporting up to 1 GB of dynamic RAM (DRAM).

By contrast, the iPhone has 128 MB of DRAM onboard.

Palm hasn't said yet how much DRAM the Pre will have onboard. I suspect they won't go the full capacity just because it will add to the bill of materials. I wouldn't be surprised to see 256 MB or 500 MB onboard, however, in a bid to get a slight performance edge.

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

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