P2P Firms Talk Teamwork

BitTorrent Inc. may have gotten headline credit for helping Comcast Corp. (Nasdaq: CMCSA, CMCSK) to navigate out of the murky waters of peer-to-peer traffic throttling, but other P2P companies say they are collaborating with service providers as well.

In conversations with Contentinople, representatives of other companies in the space said that the Comcast announcement is merely an extension of ongoing discussions between P2P technology companies and network operators that have up until recently gone on behind the scenes.

Pando Networks Inc. CEO Rob Levitan says that while he is "excited and pleased" that Comcast is publishing its intention to work with BitTorrent, he stresses that the ISP is also working with several other P2P companies -- including his own.

For more on cooperation between P2Ps and ISPs, see the original story over at Contentinople.

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