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Susan Fourtané 6/15/2015 | 1:05:14 PM
Re: Fat Elvis Nice you were around, Mitch. From all the pictures that was the one that caught my eye. :D It looks big, too. -Susan
Mitch Wagner 6/15/2015 | 12:58:56 PM
Re: Fat Elvis The Fat Elvis was delicious. It made me all shook up. 
Susan Fourtané 6/15/2015 | 12:51:21 PM
Re: Fat Elvis Yes. :) I'll have to ask Mitch. -Susan
ErynLeavens 6/15/2015 | 12:15:52 PM
Re: Fat Elvis Susan, the Fat Elvis was actually Mitch Wagner's doing. Looks great to me though!
Susan Fourtané 6/15/2015 | 7:24:06 AM
Fat Elvis That Fat Elvis looks intriguing. How was it, Eryn? 

ErynLeavens 6/12/2015 | 12:10:03 PM
Re: green I agree, Ariella! The green spaces were definitely my favorite places in the city.
PaulERainford 6/12/2015 | 10:52:17 AM
Re: Confirmation on the eggs benedict Thanks for clearing that up, Ray. I'll sleep easier tonight.
[email protected] 6/12/2015 | 9:13:43 AM
Confirmation on the eggs benedict Re



I can confirm this was certainly not MY father's eggs benedict. 
Ariella 6/12/2015 | 8:25:07 AM
green Nice to have green spaces in urban areas. They're restful for the eye and the soul. 
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