OpenVault takes aim at 'speed clipping'

HOBOKEN, N.J. – OpenVault, a market-leading source of SaaS-based revenue and network optimization solutions and data-driven insights for the broadband industry, announced today that it has created a cloud-based solution that is being used to detect "speed clipping" by subscribers of a major CALA region carrier.

Speed clipping occurs when subscribers encroach on the upper speed limits of their broadband plans on a frequent basis which may result in dissatisfaction and unnecessary customer support actions. The ability to identify speed clipping subscribers enables broadband providers to proactively take steps to right-size the subscriber service packages, optimize customer experiences and ensure that their provisioned level of service aligns with actual usage.

Data from the upcoming Q3 2021OpenVault Broadband Insights (OVBI) report shows that from May 2020 to September 2021 the percentage of subscribers who exceeded 80% of their provisioned speed, a common threshold for speed clipping, increased 52.6% in the downstream and 48.8% in the upstream for a mid-size operator in the United States.

Read the full announcement here.


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