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By Ray Le Maistre, Editor-in-Chief, 11/13/2018
Mirko Voltolini, global head of Network on Demand at Colt, talks about how the operator has automated the service delivery aspect of its Ethernet services but is still working on the significant challenge of automating the service assurance lifecycle.
By Ray Le Maistre, Editor-in-Chief, 11/7/2018
Heavy Reading's James Crawshaw highlights the key debate topics from the Software Defined Operations & the Autonomous Network event in London, including the data analytics challenge in a 5G world and how service assurance appears to still be an afterthought in virtualization strategies.
By Ray Le Maistre, Editor-in-Chief, 11/7/2018
LONDON -- Software Defined Operations & the Autonomous Network -- If technology suppliers want to play a role in BT's next-generation network they will need to show how they will help the ...
By Kelsey Kusterer Ziser, Editor, 10/24/2018
Telcos are developing more on-demand services, but there's still a place for longer-term, traditional network service delivery, too.
By James Crawshaw, Senior Analyst – Service Provider IT and Automation, Heavy Reading, 10/15/2018
Once upon a time there was a maharaja who decided to raise a baby elephant as a pet (stick with me…). As the elephant grew, it became more and more expensive to feed and created such a ...
By Sarah Thomas, Director, Women in Comms, 1/4/2018
It's the start of a new year, which means that everyone is making resolutions, many of which involve some kind of transformation. For communications service providers, transformation is ...
By Carol Wilson, Editor-at-large, 12/4/2017
LONDON, 12/4/2017 – There are skill shortages in many emerging technology areas, making it more important to attract and train women, notes Carolyn Dawson.
By Carol Wilson, Editor-at-large, 11/28/2017
Companies need to include women and minorities in product/service creation or miss out on huge audience segments in the digital economy.
By Sandra O'Boyle, Senior Analyst – CEM & Customer Analytics, Heavy Reading, 11/10/2017
At Light Reading's recent OSS in the Era of NFV/SDN event in London, I moderated a panel discussion on "Analytics, Machine Learning & AI in Next-Gen OSS/BSS" and wanted to share some key ...
By Carol Wilson, Editor-at-large, 11/8/2017
LONDON -- David Hughes has little patience with telecom service providers who make excuses or blame others -- regulators and vendors -- for their problems or pace in managing a digital ...
By Carol Wilson, Editor-at-large, 11/6/2017
When it comes to doing service assurance in the virtualized telecom world, SevOne is choosing to cover all its bases. In addition to its alliance with Red Hat to combine service assurance ...
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Norwegian Service Provider Deploys AirTies' Smart Wi-Fi

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In this video, Frode Elverum, Head of Broadband at Get, a leading broadband provider in Norway, talks about using AirTies to supply its new, premium in-home Wi-Fi service, called WIFIX. Get is using AirTies' Smart Wi-Fi powered Mesh Extenders and AirTies' Remote Manager, a cloud-based optimization suite that provides real-time visibility and historical ...
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Sandvine's Global Internet Phenomena: The Trends Shaping Networks Worldwide

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Did you know that Netflix is almost 15% of all Internet downstream traffic worldwide? Or that Google services consume over 40% of all connections in Asia? Explore these data points and many more in Sandvine's 2018 Global Internet Phenomena report at https://www.sandvine.com/phenomena.
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5G4REAL: Dano's CES Round-Up

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Mike Dano, who recently joined Light Reading as editorial director, 5G & Mobile Strategies, ends his visit to CES by discussing the US operators' marketing spat over 5G service claims, the current state of 5G service offerings and what ...
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Sprint Gets Cozy With 5G Enterprise Testbeds

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Jan Geldmacher, president of Sprint Business, gets his customers ready for 5G applications with testbeds that help businesses put low-latency and high-bandwidth network applications to the test, giving them a leg up on IoT and other business deployments.
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CES 2019: The Phony 5G Wars

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Recapping the annual tech-fest in Las Vegas, Light Reading's Dan Jones, Mike Dano and Jeff Baumgartner discuss the clash between major mobile operators over what is -- and isn't -- true 5G, and provide an update on what cable has in store for the industry's big "10G" initiative.
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Verizon's 5G CES Keynote: T-Shirts, But No Beef

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Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg's keynote centered on the 'eight currencies' that comprise true 5G, including more capacity and lower latencies, and examples of various, interesting use cases, but offered little in the way of new insight into Verizon's plans for network rollouts and support for 5G-powered devices.
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CES 2019: Comcast Secures the Smart Home

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Fraser Stirling, Comcast's SVP of digital home, devices & AI, explains how the company's new xFi Advanced Security service helps make high-speed Internet access safer by targeting potential cyber threats to WiFi networks and IoT devices. He also discusses how the wider broadband experience has become as important as the download speeds delivered to the home.
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2nd ITU-T Focus Group Meeting on Network 2030

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The ITU-T Focus Group Technologies for Network 2030 (FG NET-2030) was established by ITU-T Study Group 13 at its meeting in Geneva, 16-27 July 2018. This 2nd FG NET-2030 meeting was held at Hong Kong during Dec. 18-20, 2018, which investigates the future network architecture, requirements, use cases, and capabilities of the future networks, with global ...
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Masergy's Ray Watson: Customers Want Security but Pay for Performance

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Virtualized infrastructure makes a lot of things easier for service providers. It gives them a chance to do patching more quickly and thoroughly take inventory of their network access and credentials. But it adds some complexity, too. Ray Watson, VP of Global Technology at Masergy, discusses the challenge of securing virtualized telco infrastructure and weighs in ...
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How Silver Peak's EdgeConnect Unified WAN Edge Platform Accelerates Tiered, Managed SD-WAN Services

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Nav Chander, Senior Director of Service Provider Marketing, gives his insights into how Silver Peak continues to grow and expand its SD-WAN customer base leveraging its innovative EdgeConnect WAN edge platform that unifies SD-WAN, WAN optimization, routing and analytics capabilities into a single platform. He explains why Silver peak's unique architecture helps ...
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Verizon Invites Independent Filmmakers to Explore 5G Tech

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A cohort of independent filmmakers and artists will have access to a working 5G network in their next project thanks to a collaboration between Verizon's RYOT studio and the Independent Filmmaker Project (IFP). Verizon is educating the artists about 5G's potential impact on new media and exploring highly technical formats like augmented and mixed reality, ...

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Huawei on the FTTH Market

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Jeffrey Zhou talks about the current state of the FTTH market and the various factors impacting network operators' investments in fiber access networks.