TM Forum Ousts Its CEO

Telecom software industry body TM Forum is seeking a new CEO following the ousting of Peter Sany as its president and CEO, Light Reading has learned.

Sany was relieved of his duties by the Forum's board, according to an industry contact. Deputy CEO Nik Willetts is acting as interim CEO.

The TM Forum confirmed that Sany was no longer CEO and that a public statement was forthcoming.

The move comes only days after the Forum appointed a new CFO, Olga Martynov.

The TM Forum, best known for its OSS models and specifications, is currently seeking a way to bring together the multiple open source network management and orchestration efforts underway in the comms sector with the intention of creating a hybrid network management platform that incorporates diverse open source efforts. (See TM Forum Wants Role of Open Source Glue.)

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[email protected] 11/7/2016 | 11:12:50 AM
Official statement from TM Forum Official statement from TM Forum:

"Peter Sany has stepped down today as President, CEO and Director of TM Forum, for personal reasons. In accordance with TM Forum's governance bylaws, a process is being launched to identify and appoint a successor as quickly as possible based on the ongoing leadership needs of the organization. During this process, Deputy CEO Nik Willetts has been asked to assume full responsibility as the leader of the organization. Board Chairman David Pleasance will be working closely with Nik and the senior leadership team."


There's more - you can find it at



Pull_Request 11/5/2016 | 6:00:10 PM
TM Forum Ousts Its CEO What a confused mess. TM wants to be glue by consolidating a mish mash of other open source projects that belong to other forums. Indeed one - OPNFV - is itself a mish mash of other forum's open source project and ONOS and ODL are a part of it. So I dont see the value TM brings. Which may be why the CEO is gone. No vision, no value add. It might make more sense to wind the TM forum down and recognize other forums have stepped up to the role of orchestration in the cloud.
whateverusay 11/4/2016 | 4:41:29 PM
Re: Where to look for the next CEO.... WOW - Sany only was appointed in March 2015 -- so it will be ingteresting to learn what really happened.  Why not bring back Bill Ahlstrom? He did a really fine job while there.
[email protected] 11/4/2016 | 1:30:03 PM
Where to look for the next CEO.... Where should the TM Forum look for its new leader? It needs to cement its role in the 'cloudification' movement and fast... operators are starting to talk about plans where 'OSS" no longer exists...
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