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'Cunning' Kobi Denied Bail

So it finally happened. Ten years after he should have been in court to face fraud charges, Kobi Alexander, the founder of telecom software specialist Comverse Technology who evaded justice for a decade in the African nation of Namibia, appeared in court Wednesday to plead guilty to one count of securities fraud, reports CNBC. (See 'Most Wanted' Kobi Comes Home for more of the backstory.)

His appeal for bail was denied by the judge, who reportedly described him as "cunning and resourceful," and Alexander is now incarcerated pending sentencing on December 10. According to CNBC, he could get a sentence of up to ten years.

Maybe the judge might see fit to set the sentence for the exact number of days that Alexander lived it up in his luxury gated community in Namibia. Just a thought.

— Ray Le Maistre, Circle me on Google+ Follow me on TwitterVisit my LinkedIn profile, Editor-in-Chief, Light Reading

[email protected] 8/26/2016 | 2:38:55 AM
Re: Send him down... Fortunately, he has pleaded guilty, so the key decision now is the sentence... that will be the measure of whether justice will be done.

I'm sure his lawyers will claim that his self-exile in namibia was a sentence in itself.... but it wasn't. He was a fugitive. 
Alison_ Diana 8/25/2016 | 11:35:34 AM
Re: Send him down... I wonder how challenging law enforcement will find it to prosecute Kobi 10 years later vs. when he was first charged. I'd guess it won't make a huge difference since this is a financial case, not one that relies more extensively on eye witnesses. After Madoff and others set a new precedent that (finally) put financial criminals where they belong, I believe this slime will get real justice - delayed, sure, but at least he's getting it. There's no way any sane judge would have given him bail, but then again we've seen some bizarre judge rulings recently.
[email protected] 8/25/2016 | 6:31:33 AM
Send him down... That the judge denied bail and still thinks Alexander is a sneaky sod suggests any deal he might have struck, or thought he might get, might not be so cushy.

This guy lined his pockets and ripped off shareholders and then did a runner - it would be a good message to send to all white collar criminals if he got the maximum term.
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