OR Oopsie

3:30 PM -- Life just got even riskier for fatties undergoing surgery, according to Times Colonist:

    As if the daily assault of news about the health risks associated with obesity were not enough, operating nurse Kim Hepper said the bigger the patient, the greater the risk of a foreign object being lost and left behind.

What's so wrong with a little parting gift? A memento, if you will.

    "It can cause harm and it can cause death," Hepper said.

Harm and death? Bummer.

    Hepper will speak to delegates today about the ways they can reduce those risks. In the case of forgotten foreign objects in patients, rigorous counting is the most important procedure, she said.

But, they don’t teach counting in Med School... Back to the drawing board, Hepp.

— Red Panda, Harmed and Dead, Light Reading

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