Optimus Trials Megisto

GGSN contender Megisto Systems has finally announced its first customer trials -- and no, they're not with Telecom Italia Mobile SpA (Milan: TIM) (see Megisto Denies Italian Job).

Optimus, the third largest operator in Portugal, has been testing Megisto's kit since June, Carol Politi, VP of marketing for Megisto tells Unstrung. The carrier has been testing the equipment's interoperability and resiliency in the lab for a while and has now moved onto actual customer trials.

This means Megisto now has some hard numbers to share with us all.

"We demonstrated 250 contexts-per-second setup at Optimus," Politi says (meaning sustained rate, with all calls being established). Contexts-per-second is a measurement of call setup performance. "Within our lab we actually verified 515 contexts-per-second setups. We have also tested 1,500 contexts-per-second establishment for peak periods." Megisto claims better results from its own labs because it has testing kit specifically tailored to test higher performance levels in its facility. "However, we demonstrated very significant performance levels at Optimus, so both are great proof points for us."

As well as testing call performance, Optimus has also run tests on data resiliency. "We demonstrated not only 1:N or 1:1 redundancy as is common in the datacom world, we actually showed that we support resiliency of all the subscriber state data," Politi says. "This means it is not necessary to set up the context again after any kind of network or interface card outage. It also means that the operator does not lose any of the subscriber accounting data."

Politi described the tests as a "positive movement forward." However, she is cautious predicting when the next step -- actual deployments -- will happen.

"Carrier sell cycles are really, really long."

The Megisto trials follow hard on the heels of WaterCove Networks Inc.'s deployment with Orange SA (London: OGE) in the U.K. (see WaterCove Picks Low Fruit). Could this be the start of some actual momentum for the wireless router startups? (see Having a Flutter on the GGSNs).

Er, maybe. Whatever happens, it looks like the freshly updated Unstrung 25 list won't be staying the same for very long (see Top 25 Update: Hardware Heroes).

For those of you who weren't paying attention in networking school, wireless routers help to enable all the fancy-pants wireless data services promised with the coming of next-generation networks. Also known as GPRS Gateway Support Nodes (GGSNs) and Packet Data Serving Nodes (PDSN), they are the primary interface between a carrier’s radio and packet core networks. In their next-gen guises, these wireless routers comprise a new class of equipment that adds sophisticated service creation, billing, and IP traffic management capabilities to this strategic point in the network.

— Dan Jones, Senior Editor, Unstrung
deepciscothroat 12/4/2012 | 9:32:41 PM
re: Optimus Trials Megisto Come on Unstrung -- let's get some real coverage on real stories

"Third Largest Carrier in Portugal" -- this is earth-shattering, amazing, unbelievable, a true piece of industry news.

Megisto is a joke

Unstrung is clearly getting desperate

gigeguy 12/4/2012 | 9:31:09 PM
re: Optimus Trials Megisto Like Cisco is doing any better in this application? At least Megisto has HW that's designed for the job ...
deepciscothroat 12/4/2012 | 9:30:58 PM
re: Optimus Trials Megisto Deployed where?
How many?
Production (Revenue) network of some lab?

Come on, we have dozens and dozens of working GGSN deployed. Show me the proof on MEgisto, show me the money

futureisbright 12/4/2012 | 9:27:24 PM
re: Optimus Trials Megisto dozens?

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