The Divide: How Uprise Fiber seeks to solve what you hate about your ISP

On this episode, Sam Sanders, CEO of Uprise Fiber, discusses his company's goal of serving as a new high-speed, affordable Internet option for customers who aren't happy with or are left out by incumbent service.

Uprise was launched two years ago on the West Coast by a group of telecom industry vets eager to use their expertise to provide a new and better Internet access option.

"There's a list of eight or nine things that everybody hates about their Internet provider," says Sanders, who previously worked for Comcast. "It was kind of baffling to me, working for such a huge company like Comcast, that some of these questions that seemed relatively easy to solve, there was no will towards solving them."

We discuss how Uprise addresses those problems, as well as the company's model of partnering with developers and leveraging existing fiber and how Uprise seeks to build digital equity into broadband deployments.

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— Nicole Ferraro, contributing editor and host of "The Divide" and "What's the Story?" Light Reading

A version of this story first appeared on Broadband World News.

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