Podcast – The Divide: Stealth's Shrihari Pandit on bringing fiber to underserved business communities

On this episode of The Divide, we hear from Shrihari Pandit, president and CEO of Stealth Communications, which provides fiber Internet to businesses in New York City.

Since 1995 Stealth has been active in New York, where it has installed over 80 miles of fiber. In the last couple of years it's extended its service to underserved areas of Brooklyn, the South Bronx and Harlem.

We discuss the company's expansion and what it takes to get fiber to businesses in underserved areas, how ending the digital divide will change the US economy, and why traditional government funding methods for building out broadband aren't working.

— Nicole Ferraro, contributing editor and host of "The Divide" and "What's the Story?" Light Reading

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