Omdia's Michael Philpott on why 5G flops without fiber

AMSTERDAM – Broadband World Forum – Michael Philpott, research director for the Service Provider Consumer division of Omdia, explains how his research shows that fiber deployments are critical to supporting all parts of service provider networks.

Philpott's research at analyst firm Omdia is "about the importance of not just connecting people but connecting people in a quality way, and the importance of fiber not just in access but in the core and backhaul networks to bring that quality. There's no point in putting in 5G in the network if you don't have fiber to that 5G node. It's really about investing in fiber in all points of the network."

In addition, Philpott discusses the importance of bringing "gigabit speeds" to underserved regions that have historically struggled with limited broadband access.

— Iain Morris, International Editor, Light Reading

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