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Looking Ahead in 2023

In 2022, Light Reading tapped the brakes on the age-old practice of publishing an editorial calendar.

It wasn't an accident. In the past, we'd use that vehicle to outline the broad themes we thought we would cover. In practice, news developments usually dictate a different approach than we'd planned. The timing, topic and angle were constantly being reworked.

That said, we knew we needed to do something to show that we were looking ahead. Editorial calendars can help editors focus on big-picture topics, and they can alert subject area experts to contact us with more details on issues we've said we'll explore.

For that reason, late last year we ran a series of stories where we picked a few topics we knew we'd keep following, but did so without attaching any specific, packaged editorial outcomes.

It's not a traditional editorial calendar approach; it's better. Here are our staff writers outlining issues that matter, indicating what they're expecting and signaling that continuous coverage is more than just a "special issue" or a one-off feature.

Look at what's below and remember that this is only some of what we're covering and discussing. We hope it gives you a broad idea of what we're doing and how we work. Updated with new stories 1/17/2023.

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What 2023 holds in store for telecom in India
(Gagandeep Kaur, Contributing Editor, Light Reading)

The growing 5G ecosystem and the launch of satellite services is likely to dominate 2023 in India even as Vodafone Idea struggles to survive..

Seven things to watch for in Asia telecom in 2023
(Robert Clark, Contributing Editor, Light Reading)

From the US-China battle to the metaverse, these are the trends likely to shape the year to come..

Looking ahead: What to expect from FWA and DeWi in 2023
(Mike Dano, Editorial Director, 5G & Mobile Strategies)

With cable nabbing more wireless subscribers, fixed wireless access (FWA) and decentralized wireless (DeWi) are technologies to watch in the new year.

Looking ahead: Why 2023 should be a big year for Dish
(Mike Dano, Editorial Director, 5G & Mobile Strategies)

Dish Network has been assembling 5G assets for more than a decade. In the coming year the company should be able to make clear how it plans to assemble those assets into a strategy.

Looking ahead: What's next in the cable access network
(Jeff Baumgartner, Senior Editor)

Distributed access architecture (DAA), virtualization, network convergence, initial deployments of DOCSIS 4.0 and the rise of the remote optical line terminal (OLT) will all play roles in shaping the cable access network in 2023.

Looking ahead: Biden's broadband bucks
(Nicole Ferraro, Editor, and host of The Divide)

This year saw the initial implementation of the $42.5 billion Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment (BEAD) program and $1 billion Middle Mile program. Here's a quick recap of the significant developments and what we're watching in 2023.

Looking ahead: Pay-TV still seeking its rock bottom
(Jeff Baumgartner, Senior Editor)

Meanwhile, expect major streaming services to emphasize profitability plus new bundles and packages that start to look a little like pay-TV.

Looking ahead: Cable broadens its move into mobile
(Jeff Baumgartner, Senior Editor)

Cable operators big and small will enter the mobile game to retain and gain bread-and-butter broadband subs.

Looking ahead: Affordable Connectivity Program enters second year
(Nicole Ferraro, Editor, and host of The Divide)

A recap of the Affordable Connectivity Program's first year and what's to come of the FCC's broadband subsidy program in 2023.

Looking ahead: SASE is too messy
(Kelsey Kusterer Ziser, Senior Editor)

You say SASE, I say SSE, just don't call the whole thing off. Among the speedbumps halting secure access service edge growth are confusion and divergence over the definition, plus product shortages.

Looking ahead: Get ready for 'broadband nutrition labels'
(Nicole Ferraro, Editor, and host of The Divide)

A recap of this year's 'broadband nutrition labels' debate and what the FCC's new rules will mean for Internet service providers (ISPs) and consumers next year.

Looking ahead: Optical networking's big year
(Phil Harvey, Editor in Chief)

More pluggable optics applications, faster data center connections, cutting edge components and some supply chain relief are likely on tap for 2023.

The Staff, Light Reading

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