Huawei Marine Boasts Successful Subsea Tests

CHELMSFORD, UK -- Huawei Marine, a global submarine network provider, today announced the successful completion of sea trials for its second-generation Repeater, RPT 1660 R2, and Branching Unit, BU 1650 R2.

Both innovative second-generation products were recently tested in the extreme winter conditions of the Atlantic Ocean on-board the Cable Innovator, the flagship of parent company Global Marine Systems Ltd. The trials took place off the Portuguese coastline, over a 30-day period in November 2014.

The comprehensive test regime involved deploying the R2 repeater in 5,100 meters of water with lightweight cable, with a further deployment in 1,000 meters water depth with armoured cable. In addition, the R2 Branching Unit was deployed in 4,000 metres of water. Both products are designed to withstand pressures at up to 8,000 meters deep; allowing deployment to full ocean depths.

Dr. Jerry Brown, an authoritative industry expert on cable and repeater design who was invited to witness the sea trial to provide an independent expert report, stated, "I was pleased to be a part of Huawei Marine’s successful completion of these trials. The Huawei Marine’s new titanium product set with its robust mechanical structure exhibited exceptional ease of handling while delivering excellent optical and electrical performance throughout the trials."

Huawei Marine Networks Co. Ltd.

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