Packet-Optical Transport Evolution: In Pictures

NEW YORK -- Packet-Optical Transport Evolution 2012 -- It was a thoroughly different run for Light Reading's packet-optical conference this year, as software-defined networking overtook 100Gbit/s as the industry-wide obsession. Even "cloud" couldn't keep up.

Click the photo below to start a slideshow of the goings-on in New York City on Wednesday and Thursday. And be sure to check out the rest of our coverage from the conference:

— Craig Matsumoto, Managing Editor, Light Reading

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Soupafly 12/5/2012 | 5:32:38 PM
re: Packet-Optical Transport Evolution: In Pictures

@ mark;

Am not sure what to make of your post???  Some parts seem coherent, others less so.

- What I would say is that there is some relevance to your suggestion.

The "star" division (using BCG jargon) performing piece of Alu is the IP division and while the rest of the company has suffered haemorraging at the hands of global competitors, the TiMetra team have done a fantastic job.

Aside from the patents, as you rightly point out, they also have a strong optical & wireless product set. (Not as strong as they once were in these areas, but still a credible global player.)

The achilles heel that Cisco has is, aside from Starent, it has no wireless capability. And starent is just a mobile core specific router deployment, when you strip away all the frill and look at the hardware and software build.

And that last sentence is the key. Networks are going to migrate away from the patchwork quilt "BestOBreed" architectural approach and will move towards a combined hardware & software stack provided by a single/dual vendor or a very select group of vendor(s) +1/2/3 partners.

Why?? I can hear you.. crying that this would facilitate vendor lock in and go against all of the vendors public statements!!??


a) The single biggest £$Y cost domain in todays network is in the integration of the networking elements. (Vendor selection & mngmnt, network element selection, validation & deployment, network build, operate and manage.)

- Although significant segments of the above have been "out-sourced" to the vendors, that could expose the network to operational risk. (Alu & TNZ anyone?)

b) SPIT: Although intricately and inexplicably tied to the above, this is a significant domain on its own and 1 that will increase. The rise of SDN, Cloud and other software based innovation trends mean this area will need continued focus.

So Cisco buy Alu? Maybe....

1) They have a huge cashpile sitting offshore.

2) The No.1 division inside Alu is exactly aligned to Cisco's core business & the Wireless & Optical teams could be assesed for fit & capability.

3) HP; A alu-cisco tie up would hurt HP's cloud and wireless PS divisions and some of there strategic initiatives. JC would be very happy with that.

Founderof3KRF&Markperi Int 12/5/2012 | 5:32:38 PM
re: Packet-Optical Transport Evolution: In Pictures <div>

This will be one of those deals of a lifetime. Cisco will most likely buy Acatel Lucent for their next-generation networking advancements aside from all the hidden jewels like the 29,000 patents etc...This is the only way for John Chambers to prove himself that he still has what it takes to integrate a company of size and serious contents and turn it into the diamond with the ultimate gleam in place of the diamond in the rough that it truly is.

The real question besides does he still have what it takes to pull this off, is does he have the will to bring Cisco into as the one company who will have the ability to control level of contents on the move at lightening speeds that all these new type companies as Facebook needs to old type companies as Amazon needs that should John be able to make that deal he should first (find me and make my life easier then) charge higher costs and discount as certain criteria are met. All small business and new entrepreneurs should get special rates as long as they can prove they are real respectable companies.

Then he should be able to recoup Cisco's entire investment within a few short years leaving him with one of the greatest legacy's of all time and a permanent book of World's Greatest Businessman".

Good luck,


PS early birds buy as many common shares of ALU as you possibly can afford by next Wednesday as Acatel Lucent's announcements will be made public May 22nd and 23rd. Thereafter all all bets are on and whomever gets the property first will control high speed wireless 4G LTE plus much more for the next 10 years being the think tank that Cisco has combined with the one from ma bell's think tank combined will leave all competition in the dust.

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