OpVista: Not Dead Yet

1:40 PM -- Twice this year, Light Reading has gotten tips that optical equipment vendor OpVista Inc. has become cat food. Both times, OpVista has managed to raise a hand and say, "I'm not dead!" (See OpVista on the Block?) And then no one hears anything else for months.

Most recently, CEO Karl May has left vague responses in the form of a voicemail and, more recently, an email from the domain of Vello Systems -- which is where you're rerouted if you try opvista.com. He isn't saying much, only that OpVista/Vello is the story of a working technology that investors believe in. Yeah, yeah -- brings tears to your eyes. His key point is that the company is, you know, not dead.

Sources haven't produced a smoking gun, but for some time, there's been a guess floating around that OpVista has been digging up finances for a restart. Maybe those efforts have paid off.

— Craig Matsumoto, West Coast Editor, Light Reading

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