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The Book on Paul Bonenfant

9:35 AM -- Last week, we'd noted the surprising death of analyst and former executive Paul Bonenfant, a longtime member of the optical networking community. (See RIP Paul Bonenfant.)

An opportunity has come up to help keep Bonenfant's memory alive for his children, aged seven and 10.

Bonenfant's wife, Maria, is asking for anecdotes that she can compile into books to give as high school graduation gifts, giving them the kind of insight into their father that they will not be able to build directly. The stories can be worded for 18-year-olds -- a touch of off-color language won't be a problem, and might even be helpful, if it enlivens a particularly funny story.

If you've been wondering what you can do for Bonenfant's family, this is your chance. Don't miss it. Send stories to his old email address, [email protected].

— Craig Matsumoto, West Coast Editor, Light Reading

Pete Baldwin 12/5/2012 | 4:21:52 PM
re: The Book on Paul Bonenfant

Paul's wife, Maria, gave us the OK to post her original note to us. If you can help out, please do.

"Lots of people have asked me if there is anything they can do for me. I’d like to get the following request out. My kids are only 7 and 10, so they will never be able to fully grasp what kind of guy their father was – his integrity, his wit, his brilliance. So I am asking people that, if they have any stories about Paul that they are willing to take the time to write, I would greatly appreciate that they email to me. I want to compile the stories into a book, to give to my kids when they each graduate from high school. (Since they will be older then, please feel free to be a little off-color if you have to – I knew my husband well and I know that some of his more humorous moments may have involved some language!)

"Since I still have access to his email account, folks can send any stories to [email protected]"

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