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OFC/NFOEC's Next Home

3:40 PM -- The reaction to OFC/NFOEC moving to downtown Los Angeles next year is decidedly mixed. And by "mixed," I mean: I'm OK with the idea, but pretty much everybody else is disappointed.

Some of it is because of L.A.'s reputation: gang violence, thick traffic, and (probably most importantly) nothing to do downtown.

The city has done something about that last part by, apparently, gentrifying the neighborhood. I haven't seen the area in years, but I glanced at a map being handed out by L.A.'s Bureau of Attracting Tradeshows (or some such group). It showed new commercial developments near the convention center -- things like an ESPN Zone. You could also pick up glossy brochures showing L.A.'s good side.

But nothing is going to change the fact that L.A. isn't San Diego. After three years of holding OFC/NFOEC there, we've fallen in love with the place. You're right on the harbor, there's a convenient outdoor terrace, and the weather is nice even on a chilly evening. All the hotels are in walking distance, and the restaurants are so plentiful that it's not a struggle finding a table.

One person suggested starting a revolution whereby all tradeshows would move to San Diego. I could be on board with that.

— Craig Matsumoto, West Coast Editor, Light Reading

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