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OFC/NFOEC 2011: Infinera Talks Terabit

Radha Nagarajan explains the terabit PIC Infinera showed off at OFC and discusses what this means for the company's product plans

Pete Baldwin 12/5/2012 | 5:10:38 PM
re: OFC/NFOEC 2011: Infinera Talks Terabit

You know what made me think of the "ultrasuperchannels" crack? I've always found it amusing that the chip industry had Large Scale Integration followed by Very Large Scale Integration and Ultra Large Scale Integration (in fact, ULSI came before VLSI, didn't it?)  People would kick around these acronyms so casually, ignoring that their origin was, well, kinda dumb. 

At EE Times, Mike Santarini and I used to joke that the next stage should be RRLSI (for "really, really" large scale).

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