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Luxtera Demos 40 Gig

CARLSBAD, Calif. -- Luxtera Inc., the world leader in CMOS photonics, today announced its new technology that multiplexes four 10Gbps wavelengths onto a single fiber, on a production CMOS die - resulting in a single fiber 40Gbps link. This advance reduces cost for high bandwidth interconnect over traditional parallel fiber solutions and paves the technological way for next generation 100Gbps Ethernet data center connectivity.

Luxtera recently announced sampling of its single wavelength 10Gbps silicon photonics transceiver technology, implemented in standard SOI CMOS process with integrated Indium Phosphate laser light sources. By combining that technology with WDM capability, Luxtera is now the first photonics company to demonstrate a feasibility of applying Moore's Law to fiber bandwidth scalability implemented in a low cost commercial CMOS fabrication process.

"This announcement is one in a series of 'firsts' for us at Luxtera," said Cary Gunn, co-founder and CTO of Luxtera. "Just last month we announced that we are the first to sample monolithic devices containing combined lasers and CMOS photonic circuits in a commercially feasible transceiver configuration. With these announcements, we continue to strive to bring new technologies to market quickly while transforming the photonics industry as we know it today."

The 40Gbps WDM technology development was partially funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) as part of the Electronic and Photonic Integrated Circuits (EPIC) Phase One program. Successful completion of this phase paves the way for Luxtera to secure additional funding for subsequent EPIC program phases with the ultimate goal of delivering commercial quality high bandwidth transceiver technology.

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