Now What's Nortel Worth?

5:30 PM -- In light of today's carnage around Nortel Networks Ltd. stock, and because Phil Harvey is out of the office, I've taken it upon myself to update his "What's Nortel Worth?" chart.

The idea, back in September, was to compare Nortel's then-$1.5 billion valuation to peers, and to see what other companies were similarly valued.

Click the link above for the original, and look below for the update. Not for the squeamish.

Table 1: Market Cap Comparisons
Company Exchange Symbol Last Price
(Dec. 10)
Quote Change
Market Cap
Adtran Inc. NASDAQ ADTN $14.23 +0.37 -2.67% $885.83M
Ciena Corp. NASDAQ CIEN $7.56 +0.53 -7.54% $682.79M
Clearwire Corp. NASDAQ CLWRD $4.49 -0.10 (-2.18%) $738.18M
JDS Uniphase Corp. NASDAQ JDSU $3.62 +0.38 -11.73% $777.91M
Neustar Inc. NYSE NSR $19.40 +0.54 -2.86% $1.53B
Nortel Networks Corp. (USA) NYSE NT $0.40 -0.12 (-23.08%) $199.00M
Sycamore Networks Inc. NASDAQ SCMR $3.00 +0.05 -1.69% $851.62M
Tellabs Inc. NASDAQ TLAB $3.91 +0.05 -1.30% $1.56B
Source: Google Finance

— Craig Matsumoto, West Coast Editor, Light Reading

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