Europe's Hot 100G Action

1:20 PM -- With video traffic volumes going off the charts (I mean, seriously!), carriers are crying out for 100-Gig systems with price tags their CFOs will tolerate.

Hence the near frenzy of trial and test activity involving the likes of AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T), XO Communications Inc. , Internet2 , and, of course, Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE: VZ). (See Juniper Claims 100-Gig First, 100GigE Scorecard, Verizon's Wellbrock: 100G Is Needed, The Road to 100G Winds Up Carriers, Optical's Great Leap Forward, Verizon Adds Nortel to Its 100G Club, Comcast Thinks Big, and NEC, AT&T Demo 100G.)

But it's not just the North Americans that are earning their 100-Gig stripes -- we Europeans are at it, too.

Light Reading has previously reported on Deutsche Telekom AG (NYSE: DT)'s trials, while U.K. carrier Neos Networks , British research network JANET , and Swedish operator Banverket Telenät have also been putting 100-Gbit/s systems through their paces. (See Verizon Tries It With Janet, Banverket Picks Nortel 40/100G, Neos, Nortel Try 100G, Deutsche Telekom Trials 100G, and The Road to 100GigE.)

Now European research network SURFnet has completed a 100-Gig service trial on its live link between Dutch capital Amsterdam and Germany's Hamburg (both renowned, so we're told by a New York-based British colleague, as hotspots of European sleaze).

To find out more (about the trial, not the Old Continent's indigenous adult entertainment industry), read SURFnet Lights Live 100G Path.

SURFnet, it's worth noting, used equipment from Nortel Networks Ltd. , as did Neos and Banverket. The vendor tells EuroBlog its 100-Gig test team is in talks with other (as yet unidentified) carriers in Europe and Asia/Pacific about additional trials.

In the meantime, the Nortel crew (whose fate hangs in the balance -- will anyone ever cough up the asking price for the Metro Ethernet Networks division?) are setting up shop at the upcoming "WDM and Next Generation Optical Networking" event in Nice, France, to show off their wares and get a Riviera tan. (See Is Nortel M&A Near?)

Hard work, but someone's got to do it...

— Ray Le Maistre, International News Editor, Light Reading

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