Xtera Gets WAN Widget

10:40 AM -- Xtera today says it is buying a company called AscenVision. I'm not sure how to pronounce the company's name without giggling.

The company makes WAN load balancers, which are edge-server appliances that provide more stable, higher-quality connections to wide area networks. Sounds kinda boring, but very important if your business is trying to use VOIP services, video conferencing, or any other media streaming applications.

And here's a nice little primer the company offers to explain why its appliances are great and why Cisco routers are weak: http://www.ascenvision.com/product_link_fla2_limit.php.

Long-haul DWDM gear maker Xtera won't say what it paid for AscenVision, but the applications seem pretty interesting. The move will likely give Xtera a way to add value to each long-haul link it provides carriers.

Earlier this year, Xtera closed a private placement funding round of $52 million and bought a network engineering, installation, and services firm.

— Phil Harvey, Barely Managing Editor, Light Reading
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