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ADVA Touts Support for Facebook's Voyager

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PALO ALTO, Calif. -- ADVA Optical Networking today announced commercial support for the Telecom Infra Project’s (TIP) Voyager open optical transport system. Support for the new white-box product was announced jointly with TIP members live on stage at their inaugural Summit. Voyager is the first product to be released from TIP’s Open Optical Packet Transport project group – a group that was only initiated in May of this year. The Voyager is a completely open 1RU DWDM device that features 8 x 100Gbit/s QSFP 28 clients and 4 x 200Gbit/s 16QAM on the line side. It has been developed specifically to increase the speed of network innovation and simplify deployment processes. The TIP Summit is being held at Facebook’s headquarters in Menlo Park from November 1 until 2.

“What has been developed here is a true landmark in our industry. It’s a game changer that will open up networks to a whole new range of customers. This is something undeniable,” said Christoph Glingener, CTO, COO, ADVA Optical Networking. “The whole anchor of this project is openness. It’s been built into Voyager from day one. It’s also something that’s at the very foundation of who we are as a company. Openness, collaboration, choice – this is ADVA Optical Networking. We believe in open eco-systems. We don’t lock customers into proprietary technologies. We believe in meeting their needs in the best way possible. That’s why TIP’s Open Optical Packet Transport project group has been such a success and why we’re such a strong supporter of it. With our commercial support, we’ll be able to drive Voyager rapidly forward.”

ADVA Optical Networking was the first transport vendor to join TIP’s Open Optical Packet Transport project group and has worked continuously with group members to define how the Voyager product can be commercialized. In addition to selling the transport solution, ADVA Optical Networking will also offer its network management software, network operations center and maintenance services to provide customers with a complete network solution. This comprehensive package will enable a broad range of operators and enterprises to rapidly respond to their customers’ demands and explore new business opportunities without the need for protracted and complex deployment cycles. What’s more, the open nature of Voyager means there are no vendor lock-ins.

“It’s impossible to overstate what TIP has achieved in only a few months. ADVA Optical Networking’s team has played a key role in galvanizing the Open Optical Packet Transport project group and the results speak for themselves,” commented Hans-Juergen Schmidtke, director, engineering, Facebook. “Voyager represents a critical milestone in the development of an open white-box DWDM system. ADVA Optical Networking’s commitment to provide a commercial channel with all the essential services and software support is critical to the success of the Voyager initiative. We now have something concrete, something that will help people all around the world to access high-bandwidth data services. This was the aim of TIP from the very outset – to help people. With Voyager, we’ve proven that open and collaborative approaches can rapidly increase the speed of network innovation and implementation.”

ADVA Optical Networking (Frankfurt: ADV)

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User Rank: Light Beer
10/16/2018 | 11:32:10 PM
ADVA's Ensemble Connector
ConnectGuard Cloud leverages ADVA's Ensemble Connector to enable what the company describes as "military-grade encryption" via deployment in a public cloud infrastructure or on any COTS server. With the help of Ensemble Connector, ADVA says that uCPE can be deployed with zero-touch provisioning capabilities, enabling customers to roll out secure cloud connectivity to thousands of endpoints in a few minutes
User Rank: Lightning
7/27/2018 | 3:15:07 PM
Integrated services.... sync?
https://www.advaoptical.com/en/innovation/telecom-infra-project An open approach to transport, switching and routing The need for scalable, flexible DCI infrastructure has never been greater. At ADVA, we believe this can be achieved through avoiding vendor lock-in and enabling choice of best-of-breed hardware and software. As part of our commitment to open ecosystems, we’re helping to drive Voyager through the Telecom Infra Project (TIP) Open Optical Packet Transport group. Voyager, the industry’s first open optical packet transport system, combines DWDM technology with switching and routing functionality. By unbundling hardware and software, each component can advance independently and deliver more bandwidth at lower cost. ADVA was the first vendor to publicly commit to commercial support of Voyager. We’ve also integrated the solution into our FSP Network Manager and begun developing a full portfolio of supporting services.
Sterling Perrin
Sterling Perrin,
User Rank: Light Sabre
7/27/2018 | 9:49:09 AM
Re: So ADVA is now a VAR?
The benefits to a service provider for the white box model are pretty clear. But I have not gotten a good answer on the benefits of the white box model for the optical vendors. I have asked this question to Facebook but they only responded with how white box benefits service providers. I've also asked ADVA directly, but the benefits about an open industry don't address the vendor financial issue.

The problem is if optical white box doesn't have a business model for vendors to make profits, they are not going to do it no matter how many trials they participate in. 

User Rank: Lightning
7/27/2018 | 9:38:20 AM
Re: experts
3 days of Product Pitches would cause me a stroke. 
User Rank: Light Sabre
11/1/2016 | 4:54:08 PM
So ADVA is now a VAR?
Not sure I understand what ADVA is so proud of.  Being in the room when other people did something cool?
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