The Week in 100G

It's been a busy week in the world of 100 Gbit/s. Numerous deployments and services launches have been announced in the last several days, including two traversing the Amazon rainforest.

The heightened activity could have something to do with growing acknowledgment that 100G economics have greatly improved. Or, maybe it's all just one-upsmanship. Either way, here's a taste of what's been happening in the last week in 100G:

— Dan O'Shea, Managing Editor, Light Reading

DOShea 10/23/2013 | 9:55:48 PM
Re: But, wait, there's more... That's the guessing game Level 3 has been playing. For now, they are just watching prices decline and other economic factors fall into place, and I get the sense their deployment schedule remains fluid.
[email protected] 10/21/2013 | 5:36:19 AM
Re: But, wait, there's more... There's little doubt that the economics of 100G are now favorable for network operators - now they need the business case and the timing (when does it make sense to deploy 100G?)

It's going to be a gradual uptake and the operators will want to be as clever as possible with their timing -- if they don't need to deploy 100G right now for competitive reasons, waiting another 6 months could result in a more mature product at a lower price.... that's the ever-presnet gamble. 


Next up, of course, will be the push towards 400G and 1 Tbit/s -- that is, push by the vendor community. 
DOShea 10/19/2013 | 9:37:09 AM
But, wait, there's more... Here's another, though not 100G per se, does set a path toward 100G: http://www.lightreading.com/metrofibre-deploys-ciena-ethernet-gear/d/d-id/706108
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